[US] WRFT: Delta Division Training – Results!

Good day ACP!

Today, our US Division logged onto Ascent, CP Rewritten for a Delta Division training event as part of our Operation: We Rise From This! We practiced our forms, tactics, and movements all over the island.

MAX: 34

Make sure to react in #events if you can attend our practice battle against the Fire Warriors and the Templars tomorrow and in #march-madness if you can attend our huge battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation on Saturday!

Thanks for attending our training session! Feel free to comment if you came!


ACP Lieutenant General

9 Responses

  1. I came. #WRFT

  2. Amazing training today! Everyone did a great job ❤

  3. I was there!

  4. I was there! Nice work, everybody!

  5. Well done ACP!

  6. A epic event.

  7. I came! awesome event

  8. […] three-way practice battle with the Help Force and the Blue Ravagers, WRFT: Diligence, and a Delta Division Training, among many […]

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