Why We Will Win The March Madness Battle vs. Water Vikings

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Join members of the higher command, leadership and advisor-ship, as they tell you exactly why the Army of CP will win the tournament battle later today. 

CSY, ACP Commander-in-Chief

ACP will win – I’m sure of it. We’ve time after time again proven our strength as an army, not just in excellence in tactics and formations, but also in our spirit. Every fight we’ve had in previous tournaments – with main chat filled with people of all ranks chanting classic ACP phrases – Green Together Family Forever, March On, Threes Not Twos, etc. – these moments we truly feel how strong our pride is. This time round, as we fight once more and display our frontiers of innovation on our root CPPS CPR, we’ll display once more how strong we are as an army – both tactically and spiritually

King Mondo, ACP Advisor

Whether you’ve been here for several years or just a few days, you might notice some interesting, unique things about ACP. Among the most important is our determination and resiliency, and our ability to work together and have each other’s backs. As we enter battle during this spring season tournament, let us remember that together, with our amazing troops and dedicated green family, we can achieve anything! Let nothing stop us in our fight for victory!

Max, ACP Field Marshal

The Army of Club Penguin have always been the greatest army, and not because we’ve achieved the most, reached the highest ever recorded sizes, or won the most battles. We’re the best because we have an inseparable and incomparable community spirit that transcends any physical achievement, one that no army has or ever will. We care for one another and are there to pick up and support each other when we’re down. We will march onto the battlefields later today and meet our allies, the Water Vikings, and take the victory with grace and humility. We have worked extremely hard on our tactics and formations, and continually set the trends in the community with the latest innovations. This is why we will win today. Because we’re worked for it, together as a family. 

Koloway, ACP General

ACP will win because of the unbreakable merit we hold. Our soldiers are the greatest in the game, everyone knows that. We will win because there is no other option— we are all in.

Cubster, ACP Field Marshal

We’re the first, we’re the greatest and we shall run through any challenges that face us because we have a really capable staff team with outstanding talent. Grinding their assess off and putting in work to reach our final goal, the Grand Final. We’ve always been the underdogs – this isn’t 2006-2011 anymore. But over the years, we’ve managed to pull off amazing results that people did not expect, like the Fright or Fight tournament run we had last Halloween. We beat the odds and went to the finals, overcame a huge obstacle in beating the Ice Warriors without losing a single room. We are family, and we shall rise from this and conquer the March Madness, together.

Fatchicken88, ACP General

The Army of CP is historically famous for reaching magnificent heights in a short amount of time. An example of this is ACP going from a mere max 30-40 average to reaching an amazing 100+ not once, but TWICE in the Fright or Fight tournament. We have also defeated the Water Vikings in every other battle we’ve had with them in the recent past. Add those two on to our innovative tactics, the amazing clover defender spirit we all have and every single awesome troop that ACP has, we will without a doubt win this battle with flying colors. Believe in the dream, ACP. #MMisOURs.

The battle of the year (so far) takes place TODAY – Saturday, March 20th at 2pm EST/6pm GMT. The above are ready for victory, but are you?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

4 Responses

  1. #MMisOURs

  2. #MMisOURS!

  3. I am ready- Miss COZ/ Gold Fan

  4. Vorwärts, vorwärts, bleibt nicht stehen

    Forward, forwards, never stopping


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