[AUSIA/SPEC OPS] Paint Party – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today, we had a wonderful Spec Ops AUSIA Divison with a fun Paint Party on Ascent, CP Rewritten! We went around the island causing chaos, as the even evolved between a paint party, a race, a snowball fight, a soccer match, and finally a mining expedition! We managed to muster a size of 34 troops online.

Max: 34

Thank you to everyone that managed to make it! If you did log on, feel free to comment down below.

:siren: Battle against the Help Force is scheduled for Saturday, 2pm EST // 7pm GMT! Check out the #battle-schedule channel and react if you can make it!:siren:

:el: 10 clovers will be awarded to those that attend the battle! :el: 


ACP Field General (4ic)

2 Responses

  1. i attended haha also why are the painters overalls so expensive sad

  2. me having a bad sleep schedule

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