Community Digest #3: Love Is In The Air

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The Shamrock Bulletin is here to provide you with the weekly happenings from the army community, all bundled up in one concise newspaper.

Headline of the Week: Love is in the Air

They don’t say February is the month of love for no reason! This past week saw a surge in Valentines-themed events in the community. Although each army chose their own unique approaches, there was certainly no shortage of love and warmth to go around.

For one, the Ice Warriors celebrated the holiday with a Valentine’s Day battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation. They also held a costume contest, while armies like the Silver Empire offered their troops the adorable chance to send Valentine’s Grams. The Army of Club Penguin also offered similar message-gifting services. The fun didn’t stop there, however, as the Clovers also hosted a Valentine’s Day half-week with branch battles, games, and a lovey-dovey formal to boot. No matter the method of celebration, it seems that Cupid’s arrow struck a bullseye on the army community in our recent week.

CP Rewritten Hosts Fourth Anniversary Party

Club Penguin Rewritten has also joined in on the festivities with their fourth anniversary party. Featuring exciting new room designs, visits from mascot Aunt Arctic, free items, and more, CP Rewritten has gone above and beyond with the first ever HTML5 party. Although the party duration was brief, lasting from February 12th to February 14th, it’s certainly not the last of its kind. What themes do you predict will pop up in the upcoming months?

Return to the Battlefield

With the army community slowly gaining a resemblance of normality, we have progressed from hosting events and games to kicking off with battles once more. In our recent week, there has been a surge in friendly crossfire, such as the aforementioned Ice Warriors and People’s Imperial Confederation Valentine’s Day battle. The Help Force and Special Weapons and Tactics also held a face-off, which unfortunately resulted in CP Rewritten kicking them off. The Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings wrap up the week with their first battle in the HTML5 era. Despite the potential setbacks from CP Rewritten, it appears that the army community is hesitant to give up yet. What does the future hold for CPR and army relations?

CP Army Forum Formed Following Merge

The CP Army Warfare League and CP Army Updates organisations are no more – instead, they have combined forces to form the CP Army Forum. As the name suggests, there will be forums and news updates. The new organization will be headed by AustinFraud, Coolguy, Greeny, and Memmaw. How will it do in rivalling the recently established CP Army HQ?

Moses106 Promoted To Water Vikings Leader

With the Water Vikings’ return last week, Moses106 was announced as the newest Viking Commander. As a dedicated longtime troop of the army and a member of the Viking Hall of Fame, Moses’ inauguration will hopefully usher in stability for the Water Vikings in the HTML5 era.

That concludes this edition of the Shamrock Bulletin’s community digest! Was there anything we missed this week? Do you have any suggestions for next week’s digest? If so, direct message klee#0227 by joining the Army of Club Penguin Discord server.

What do YOU think? What was your favorite community moment from this week? Is there anything you would have added? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Field General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. A quieter week for the community!!

  2. battles are fun

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