[UK/US] Valentine’s Formal – Results!

Hola ACP!

Today we logged onto Ascent, on Club Penguin Rewritten, to celebrate Valentines Day with our Valentine’s day event! We held a costume contest, and here are the winners:

Best Dressed Male: Namjoon

Best Dressed Female: Layla_DoublePink

Best Couple: Shane & Megan

Best Friend Group: Save the Trees Movement

Congratulations to the winners!

Max: 58


Thanks to everyone who attended! Congrats to Yeet Monster, Kevin and Abby on winning the nitro giveaway as well :EH:. Remember to check out #events AND #battle-schedule in our Discord server and REACT for our upcoming events and battle this Saturday! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


ACP General

5 Responses

  1. I came! 😀

  2. I was there! I had fun! Congratulations to all the contest winners!

    (ShadPoe is still a very underrated ship, BTW).

  3. I was there my name was TanjoSama my discord is Tanjo

  4. Awesome even, i came!

  5. I came!

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