Love Is In The Air: Interviewing Iconic ACP Couples

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The army community is one with a unique ability to bring people from all over the world together, with a very simple penguin game. For some lucky individuals, these friendships would blossom into something more. Today, we look at individuals who’s lives have been irrevocably changed romantically because of the ACP.

Online dating has been rising in prevalence in recent years with the convenience of social media, and dating within the CP army community is far from a foreign concept. With today being Valentines Day, it seemed only fitting for Shamrock Bulletin to delve into the iconic couples of the Army of Club Penguin.


1. Maxaway
2. Ticken
3. Myth x Bibi
4. Moshi x Faith
5. CSYnami

1. Maxaway

The Endless Wait

1. How did you guys meet?

Max: Well, Koloway actually slid into my DMs on November 23rd 2019 with a really romantic message all about an upcoming battle in the ACP. As you can clearly see, it was love at first message.

Koloway: I met Maxwell on Tinder

2. How did you guys realize you were interested in each other? Who confessed to who first? :open_mouth:

Max: It was definitely Koloway, he admitted he had deep feelings for me and declared his undying love.

Koloway: Something about wine on a Wednesday night. Max is obsessed

3. What do you guys do together in your free time?

Max: We like to take romantic strolls in the park before going home to play Club Penguin armies in separate rooms.

1 year later, Koloway replies.

Koloway: we hold hands and frolic through scenery

4. I hear Koloway is visiting Max this year – any plans on what you’ll be doing?

Koloway: we’re gonna eat cotton candy and play boundless amounts of club penguin

Max: Yes I’m giving him a tour of London and taking him to the top of the London Eye to propose.

Koloway: GASPS

2. Ticken

Yes, they’re taken

1. How did you guys meet?

Tia: His first dm to me was him dm reminding me about an event a few days after I joined ACP. Then we used to speak a little. I think we started speaking more because I’d been to Uganda and he used to live there and then he helped me a lot during Fight or Fright

Chicken: The first time I DMed her was a DM reminder message for an event, and a few days afterwards we just started talking about different things – the first being about a country we had both been to. As it went on as just normal convos, it began to turn more frequent and we helped each other with various ACP-related stuff.

2. How did you guys realize you were interested in each other? Who began featuring the other in their status first?

Tia: Oh we were fighting over some emote. He was like no its my emote and I was like no its my emote
then we did the names to fool everyone and I suppose it worked.

Chicken: So the original status was us fighting over an emote and who “owned” the emote (priority problems in life rlly). The next status that lasted for a few months was originally to trick a specific person and we sorta didn’t ever remove it and it ended up tricking everyone. I put both first:wary~3:

3. What do you guys do together in your free time?

Tia: Honestly we just talk a lot really. Sometimes we listen to spotify together but theres not much we do

Chicken: Really we just speak about an array of different things every day and maybe listen to a Spotify playlist, not really many actual activities we do together

3. Myth x Bibi


1. How did you guys meet?

Bibi: Well, I think it was pretty much mid November when we started preparing the special thank you for acp, aka the Christmas special for acp. We didn’t talk much. What gave me a shock is that myth gave me perms to help him and that’s how we met. And kinda how it started

Myth: Oh it definitely started with the Christmas Project, 100%. I gave Bibi perms because she was helping out, and from previous experiences with that sorta thing, gave her perms cause I knew she’d help out even more.

2. How did you guys realize you were interested in each other?

Bibi: Ever since the day after we got all staff to the server, I had a crush on Myth but I kept it aside. Then one January 3 or 4, I saw Myth’s status saying “Bibi, Love you queen :heartsketch: “. that’s how I knew he liked me :0. Quite a surprise!

Myth: After my return to ACP, I started settling back into the groove. Upon getting back into the groove, I noticed someone who expressed as much love I held for the army as I did. Then we started talking, and that’s when I realized I liked Bibi. My status was for something Bibi had done, and I didn’t think a relationship would start from it, but it did, and I’m glad it did!

3. What do you guys do together in your free time?

Bibi: I mean, we listen to music, talk about life, and make discord servers :wiggle:

Myth: I guess we talk about life and like music.:wiggle:

4. Any plans for the future of your relationship?

Bibi: Hmmm. I think I would love to visit Myth in person, and meet Myth :0

Myth: Try to visit one another in person and continue having the strong relationship that we have currently

4. Moshi x Faith

and their cute room on CPR

1. How did you guys meet?

Moshi: We started talking when, Nightfury suggested that i “adopt” her as a daughter alongside Bibi, after i convinced her the 3 of us had a vc together. We kinda sidetracked into dms and it went from there hehe.

Faith: Yeah after we started talking in DMs we found out how much we had in common and I thought he was cute:CH_Snuggle:

2. How did you guys realize you were interested in each other?

Moshi: Well at first it was just harmless simping but after a while as it went on, it suddenly just hit me, i was like, yunno what i like her. :TEEHEE:

Faith: Same here, I uhh was the one who started the simping :TikTokIdk: After we started talking and I was kinda in a situation at the time but he made me happy when I was feeling down. And also after realizing how sweet he was, that’s another thing that stuck out to me:DoD_FrogFlushed:

3. What do you guys do together in your free time?

Moshi: There’s a few things we get up to, we can either watch anime or play rocket league at nights. And besides that we tend to VC a lot

Faith: Yeah, we VC a lot and talk to one another. We play rocket league and watch anime, of course simp :TikTokIdk: and get to know one another :EH~1:

4. Any plans for the future of your relationship?

Moshi: Well we’ve spoken about it, once covid becomes less of an issue I want to fly over to America and meet her in person. See how things go from there.

Faith: Yes! Me and him are planning to meet in person and see where things go from there!

5. CSYnami

wishing yall a purr-fect valentines!


1. How did you guys meet?

Tsanami: We met because I have amazing profile pic finding skills and thought CSYduck would be a superior name and pfp than BulbaCSYaur. After explaining my pun expertise, I helped him find better taste in profile pictures and we started talking more as a result.

CSY: If you remember doggorage, she used to have this hangout server that I kind of just lurked at. Tsanami messaged me one day giving me grief over my then pun and PFP, bulbaCSYaur. Upon realizing that I had already considered and used CSYduck (as well as every other suggestion), she made it her life mission to come up with something original – and so eventually, she’d finally find a pokemon and pfp suggestion that I hadn’t used before.

2. How did you guys realize you were interested in each other? Who confessed to the other first?

Tsanami: For legal reasons all I can say is I didn’t confess first. Interest was just something that happened over time and after getting to know each other better

CSY: The only confession happening is how problematic tsanami is :no:

Okay so we had this ongoing banter going on about who was better at Card Jitsu. I don’t know HOW this happened but we decided to settle this age old question once and for all with a CJ match, where the loser would have to go on a date with the winner. I guess that kinda started everything as we began watching more movies and shows together.

3. What do you guys do together in your free time?

Tsanami: When we do have free time we normally watch things we both have an interest in online

CSY: We usually watch movies or shows together – mostly marvel or disney related. We’ve also played games together, but my favorite has to be VCing laughing about dumb stuff.

4. Any plans for the future of your relationship?

Tsanami: Time will tell about the future, it’s not something we’ve put too much stress on

CSY: I can barely plan breakfast, much less something possibly MONTHS ahead:skull:
But yeah it’s definitely not something we’re stressed about RN especially since it’s far from feasible to travel around in the near future.

What do YOU think about these interviews? How are you celebrating this Valentines? Let us know in the comments below!


ACP Leader & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. These couples are cute, but you forgot the cutest of them all: ShadPoe (ShadowSaint x Poe Dameron). JK! LOL

    Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!


  3. what about me and max 😡

  4. if only emily was in acp

  5. this lowkey kinda made me cry lmao, this is ADORABLE

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