CPRewritten: The Latest Features Introduced For HTML5

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – With the change from Flash to HTML5, the CP Rewritten team have had the option to contemplate new additions to the game as they reprogram each aspect of it. We’re here to take you through these latest features, some of which not many people will know about!


As we start to have more and more events in the revamped Club Penguin Rewritten, many of you may not have realised that there have been some slight additions to the functionality of the game. From the new igloo editor, to ways to modify what you see in game, let’s get into it!

New Igloo Editor

Igloo Editing

Players of the original Club Penguin may recognise the image above from the igloo interface redesign. The CPR team have now brought this version to Club Penguin Rewritten. You can now save four igloos at a time and swap between them easily! This editor also means that once you have bought a type of igloo flooring, you can swap to it at any time – this is in comparison to the old igloo editor where you had to purchase the flooring every time you wanted to use it.

Four Igloos

Flooring Saves

Revamped Buddy List

The buddy list of CPR’s HTML5 client also has some new features. Firstly, friend requests can now be managed via this window. Clicking the smiley face on your buddy list opens your list of current friend requests. Most notably though, you can now search the player-base to add other penguins as buddies.

Buddy List

To do this, open the buddy list by clicking the smiley face along your control bar at the bottom of the game. You can then search using the search bar just above the bottom of the window. This feature is toggle-able: you can choose whether or not you want people to be able to search your name to add you as a buddy. By default, this feature is enabled.


Secret Display Tools

This next batch of features is my personal favourite addition to the new CPR client! It’s also worth mentioning that not many people will know about these features. There is no way to tell just by playing the game that these have been added. I was only made aware of these whilst watching a stream by CPR developer Gravix, in which he mentioned them. To run the commands, simply open the settings menu by clicking the gear along your control bar and type the relevant phrase. Until you finish typing the phrase, there is no acknowledgment of it so just keep typing. Once the game has detected that you’ve typed the full phrase, it will inform you that the change has taken place and that to reverse the change, you simply need to type the phrase again.

“hidenames” – this command hides the names of all the penguins in your current room.


“hidepenguins” – this command hides both the penguins in your current room and their names (although, strangely, not their emote or text messages).


“hideui” – this command hides all the features of the “user interface”: the newspaper, moderation, map and postcard icons and the control bar along the bottom (it also removes the beta game version from the top right).


New Pet Shop

If you’ve been following the announced Club Penguin Rewritten updates, you may recall that in August, the CPR Team promised that the redesign of the Pet Shop from 2011 Club Penguin would be making its way to the game. Following issues with importing this to Flash CPR, they decided that it would return in the HTML5 Client. Although without puffles or catalogues, the revamped Pet Shop is now with us!

download (44)

So there you have it, some of the key changes that have been brought online with the HTML5 client of CPR. If you’re looking for more CPR news, be sure to check out what the team have planned for February 2021. The Shamrock Bulletin will continue coverage of the CPR HTML5 client updates as they happen, so be sure to stay tuned!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Colonel & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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