Tactical Advantage: A History of ACP Tactics

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Since the creation of ACP in 2006, tactics have continuously been used by the army and the community as a whole. Both tactics and formations have evolved greatly throughout the years, with each army having their own spin on them. Today, we’ll be guiding you through the evolution of them in ACP history, our most iconic tactics, and we’ll also be going around to see what the community’s favorites are!

Tactics are what armies use to battle each other. From emotes to text bubbles, each army uses them to try and win a battle, or to just have fun during an event. Formations are a vital branch of tactics, too. Armies use formations to cover a room in a way that gives them the advantage over another army, and they use tactics in those formations that also give them the advantage, such as big word bubbles and bombs. In battles, judges base their decisions on the armies who cover the best with their tactics and formations and who does the best in doing so. Creativity is also a big thing that should always be taken into consideration, as well, as judges want to see innovation with tactics and formations instead of just being basic!

ACP and SWAT in battle during the recent Flash Nemesis War, December 2020

So what are some famous tactics and formations that we use here in ACP?

There are tons of classic ones that we use here in the Army of Club Penguin. For example, circling around a room, plus signs, and single lines are great and easy, and they are most definitely classic formations that a lot of people use. Tactics like bombs, an E9 war face, or an E2 “smile for a stamp!” recruiting tactic are all classic yet great tactics to use.

ACP using EH hearts tactic while circling the town

Now, this is the Army of CP – we are the heart of innovation and new ideas! We have developed some crazy new ideas for tactics and formations, and we have pulled them off with some crazy success. Formations such as ACP’s famous Double V, other formations like an anchor, and our famous “RENEGADE x9” tactic have been developed through fun times and the desire to grow more and be the best that we can be.

ACP pulling off a pretty sweet double V formation!

Back in 2006, when ACP first became an army, you know what they used as tactics against other armies? Snowballs. Yes, you heard me correctly. They had snowball fights against other armies! Now, look at the tactics that we use today. Some are based around the theme of a certain event or war, while others are just recurring memes and jokes that we crack.

Tactics such as bombs used in the original Club Penguin era days have evolved into multiple different types of wipes, movements such as waterfalls and rakes, and simply just moving in a circular direction. Chat bubbles have evolved to include “weird” characters that you wouldn’t conventionally see anywhere else, and basic phrase tactics such as “WHY SO SMALL?” have evolved into recurring memes with other armies and almost having a full blown conversation with each other, only more heated.

Will I ever stop using this war as an example? Probably not.

Does Koloway know the way? The world may never know.

A beautiful play on words in the tactic shown here.

So, we know the history of tactics. We know how we use them in battle. We know how much fun they are, and we know how much ACP has evolved tactics in the time that we have spent together as an army. Everyone has to have a favorite, right? That’s why we went around asking people in ACP what their favorite tactic and formation was!

My favourite tactic would have to be ‘GREEN TOGETHER, FAMILY FOREVER!’ which is one I created. I think it perfectly embodies the ACP spirit of community and love for each other. As for formation, this regularly changes. Right now, I think the ‘Underlined V’ formation can look really good when executed well.

– Max, ACP Field Marshal

Ooo I like emote tactics (especially the food ones, EQ ftw) and waterfalls and heart formations have to be my favorite!

– Cherry, ACP Major

Joke bomb because you just run around and hold J.

– Tina, ACP Sergeant Major

I’ve always found the infinity really cool and the double V when we get it looking solid. As far as tactics that’s hard to say, but I always love to see us scatter and do EL, if we have enough people it looks amazing

– Mondo, ACP Advisor

There’s so many – I like “I will give my all for my green family. Salute!” then ES emote :p

– Kimi, ACP Major

Ooooooh, there are so many good ones! Let’s see; if I had to only pick one favorite, it’d probably be the Z-wipe.

– Shadow, ACP Recruitment Supervisor

As for my favorite tactic and formation? I would definitely say that the double V formation is by far my favorite formation. My favorite tactic is a hard one to choose, but if I have to say just one, I think it would be “We rise from this,” as it is pretty motivational if we lose a practice battle and I just love the inspirational tone of it.

ACP has quite the history when it comes to tactics and formations, and there is no doubt that they will only continue to evolve and rise from here. They are the backbone of armies and they are vital to the success of an army, they determine who wins and who loses in the heat of a battle, and they’re the fun that the army has when it comes to U-leads and celebratory events! If you even want to learn more about formations and tactics, ACP even has a training regiment to teach newer recruits the ropes and how to perform these tactics and formations effortlessly (go and message Daniel to join ACPTR while you’re at it, guys!).

What’s YOUR favorite tactic and formation? Let us know in the comments below!


ACP Major & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. nice post nikki

  2. Fantastic post Nikki! And yes I agree, we have some pretty iconic tactics and forms!

  3. Cool post!! Very interesting 😀

  4. Great job on this, Nikki! And thanks for asking me for my input!

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