Learning From Legends: 40th Leader Sidie9

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – In this weekly column, we pay a visit to various legends from the community and have a peer into their thoughts. As we set out on our quest to uncover the wisdom of legends, what will we discover in this latest edition?


The legend we are speaking to today began her army career ten years ago as a troop in the Ice Warriors and is well known for creating the first AUSIA Division of Club Penguin armies in 2011. She has been in a large number of armies as a Higher Command, led the Golden Troops during 2014, and became a leader of the Army of Club Penguin from late 2015 to early 2016. Most recently in 2019, Sidie created the Peoples’ Imperial Confederation which saw success as a small-medium army.

In the edition of “Learning From Legends,” the Shamrock Bulletin had the pleasure of interviewing Sidie about her experiences. What kind of exciting knowledge does she have to share?

When did you begin leading the Army of CP and how did you achieve the leadership position?

I began leading the Army of Club Penguin in early August 2015! The leader at the time, Bam117, went on leave and made me Temporary Commander alongside Albaro Lord during a conflict with the Rebel Penguin Federation. I had been the AUSIA leader of the ACP for months prior, so the temporary leadership was very exciting. Little did I know, Bam would permanently retire and I was asked by the Panel of Guardians to be the permanent Commander. Albaro sadly retired soon after and left me to lead alone. I remember not expecting to lead ACP at all, so I was very shocked!

What was the hardest challenge you faced in your ACP career?

I would have to pick two because I’m darn indecisive: the first was accepting ACP as my home and family. Before settling in ACP I roamed from army to army with no place to call my home. Putting down my roots in ACP was one of the most challenging yet rewarding tasks I’ve ever faced. The other challenge was to truly uphold the “Defend Freedom, Preserve Justice” mantra when I had found out that my co-leader and 3ic were multilogging. I felt horrible couping Trader, but in a community which was plagued with multilogging in every army at the time, I wanted ACP to be a beacon of hope and justice. My career taught me that sometimes the greatest rewards bloom from the harshest of challenges.

What is a lesson that being in armies has taught you, that you have applied into real-life?

Well, armies have helped teach me I have a real interest in politics! I’m studying Political Science at the University of Western Australia as a result. I also have learnt that I shouldn’t be as zealous as I used to be when I was younger. Prior to joining ACP in 2014 I hated ACP with a passion, even serving in the Black Alliance in a war to kill ACP. When I found my home in ACP, it helped me learn that hate is pointless. Both in real life and in armies, we are all complex unique human beings. I was taught by armies that everyone deserves a chance no matter what.

What is your favorite memory from throughout your army experience?

I will never forget December 2015, when I hired CSY and Robot to my High Command. ACP’s AUSIA hit a peak it hadn’t seen in over a year. I also think it foreshadowed how amazing CSY would later become as an ACP Commander, and Robot as 2ic! Funnily enough, I think one of my favourite memories would have to be the ACP Division Practice Battle last year during ACP’s anniversary celebrations in September. Being asked to lead the Alpha Division against Kailey in Echo only 10 minutes before the battle was absolutely frightening, but it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at an event. My army experience has given me many memories I won’t soon forget.

What is a lesson/message you would give the current members of the community?

My message to members of the community would to be to enjoy and cherish your time here. If you feel any anger or hatred – to another person or another army – put it aside. We are all here to have fun with what little time we have in our youth. Live in the moment and enjoy it! If you’re spending your time consumed by anger or negative emotions stemming from the community, take a step back. Live, make friends and memories, and enjoy the ride.

The lessons shared by Sidie are no doubt valuable ones, reminding us that any hatred that may come out should be put to the side and the focus should be placed on fun and enjoyment.

What do YOU think? Who should we interview next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Field General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Great post 😀 We love Sidie!

  2. Clover fields forever ❤

  3. nice post and thanks for telling about your journey slidie

  4. You’re such an elegant and insightful speaker. ILY, HAIL SIDIE!

  5. Woww, amazing interview and responses from Sidie!

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