CP Rewritten: February 2021 Plans Announced


BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – In continuation of Club Penguin Rewritten’s transition to HTML5 following the death of Flash, we take a look at their upcoming plans for February.

In a recent article, CP Rewritten stated that their present plan for the future is to continue improving their HTML5 servers. The good news is that most major bugs were addressed and fixed in January, so we will witness an increase in playable content in February. What will CPR be looking to implement in the following month? Let’s take a quick look!

CPR February 2021 Plans 

New Catalogs: There will hopefully be new clothing and igloo catalogs in February. Get ready to get stylish, Clovers!

New Hidden Pin: In addition to the new pin being released, the HTML5 golden joystick pin will be taking its leave two weeks from when it was released.

Fourth Anniversary Event: With CPR approaching its four-year anniversary in February, there will be celebrations as well as potential mascots.

Cake concept art for CP Rewritten’s upcoming fourth anniversary

With new catalogs, pins, rooms, and potentially even mascots to come, February marks an exciting beginning to more enjoyable aspects of the game. Although some things, like mascots, are yet to be set in stone, trust that the Shamrock Bulletin will keep you updated with all future CP Rewritten news! Be sure to check back in for more information.

What do YOU think? What February additions to CPR are you most excited about? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below! 


ACP Field General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Nice post! Very helpful 😀

  2. Great updates! Looking forward to all of these!!

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