The Revenge War – A Successful Conquest?


BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – With CP Rewritten’s recent downtime, Alpha and Echo plunged into another war, once again hoping to answer the age-old question – Is Alpha or Echo better?

On January 16th, 2021, leader CSY, in an unexpected turn of events, announced what would later be dubbed The Revenge War, where Alpha and Echo would once again be pitted against one another – this time, outside the battlefield of Club Penguin.


Civil War winner – what a flashy title, right? It seemed like it didn’t matter how many victories the Alphas would get subsequently – all they’d hear would be the echo of their losses in the Civil War.

It is time though, to allow Alphas to turn the tables; and for the Echoes to reassert their dominance – to prove once and for all, which division is better.

Excerpt from ‘Announcing… Alpha vs. Echo – The Revenge’

Just hours later, the first battle would begin, in which ACP saw it’s first Capture the Flag battle that would result in an Alpha-Echo tie, putting the war score at 2-2.


On the 18th of January, Kahoot trivia and typerace would take place – in which after the two tests of agility and reaction speed (and a bit of knowledge), Echo would come up on top with a war score of 7-4.

At the same time, the crowd-favorite minigames segment was brought back, where Echo would break records, winning both first and second place with a high score of 2435, leaving a war score of 9-4.

The third day would see Alpha and Echo battling it out on Drawful 2 – and in the ultimate test of drawing and wit, Echo came up on top, winning 2 rounds to Alpha’s 1 – leaving the war score at 11-5.

The minigame would be Flappy Bird – one that brought back many memories, and much frustration.







Eventually, Alpha came up on top with 122 points, with Echo securing a close second with 105 points, putting the war score at 12-6.

20th of January saw yet another xat throwback, in which a Hide and Seek was hosted on xat – where Shane proved that his years on xat was not wasted as he came up on top in the epic race of internet speed.

On the same day, our first ever Alpha vs. Echo would be held – where both teams had their fix of blob eating as they battled to becoming the biggest… blob. Alpha showed that they were the true alphas here, winning a hefty 4 points for their team after securing 1st and 3rd place. This would put the war score at 16-12.

On this day, the third minigame 2048 would be held, where conspiracy theorists would wonder if this was mere fan service for leader CSY, coming in first with 56k points. Caramel would come in second for Alpha, putting the war score at 17-13.


On the 21st of January, we’d see Alpha and Echo battle it out on Jackbox once more, playing Patently Stupid. Echo once again showed ingenuity and innovation, winning both rounds with a war score of 19-13.

In addition, troops also participated in the classic game of Tetris – the ultimate test of spatial awareness and response time, where Echo would once again take home double victories with the efforts of diligent troops Destro and Mow.

The 22nd would be another test of drawing skills – this time, battling it out on Again, Echo pulled ahead, with Cherry and Chungus winning both rounds putting the war score at 23-13. 

To match with the doodle theme, the minigame Doodle Jump was also chosen, where destro once again proved himself to be the king of minigames, putting the war score at 25-13. It also seemed that Kailey got over her frustration with minigames.


At this point, it did indeed seem that Alpha was in a bit of a rut – with Echo coming out on top, winning 8 points in a row in just 2 days – perhaps in relation to the number 13 being unlucky?

The penultimate day finally saw a change in Alpha’s luck – where they demolished Echo in all 3 rounds, securing 3 points for the underdogs, putting the score at 25-16. 

The final non-CP battle Alpha and Echo would have would be hosted on – where Alpha and Echo decided to skip breakfast and cook each other instead. Daniel and Marquis would come out with the highest killstreaks, putting the score at 26-17.

The minigame of the day would initially be the T-Rex dino on Chrome – however, under the allegations of cheats being employed, was changed to Candy Jump (not to be confused with Candy Crush). Echo’s Destro would once again take home the victory with 147 points with Alpha’s Caramel coming in 2nd place, putting the score at 27-18.

Going into the final battle, Echo would lead with a huge advantage, but with 10 points promised to be given out, Alpha could just well take home the victory as the underdogs. With the diligent effort given by both sides, the battle would end in a TIE, where we maxed 32 in total, ending the war with a score of 32-23.


Best minigame player: Destro
Best First Person Shooter: Daniel
Party Pooper: ReviveX
Most diligent underdog: Cubeoid
Best Artist: ShadowSaint
Fastest internet: Shane

Best team: Echo (once and for all!)

What was your favorite event during the Revenge War? Do you think we’ll see Alpha and Echo face off again anytime soon? Leave a comment below!


ACP Leader

4 Responses

  1. Alpha ain’t done yet, see you next time. 🙂


  3. We’re ready to beat you guys again!

  4. nah alpha is better

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