Halloween Party 2020 Guide – CPR Guides

Hola ACP!

The new Halloween Party has been released, so that means new secrets, rooms and new… transformations?! Let’s go take a look!

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Fight or Fright – Semifinals VS. IW – Victory!

Hey ACP!

We logged on to face the Ice Warriors today in CPAH’s semifinals – the Fight or Fright tournament. After a lot of hard work, and intense battling, we managed to beat our CPPS record once again with a max of 113, winning the semifinals vs. the Ice Warriors.

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[UK] Practice Battle vs. Golden Troops

Salute ACP!

Today we went onto Bunny Hill and faced off against the Golden Troops in a fun practice battle.

Max: 44

ACP troop Cotopaxia with the Mopia tag instead of ACP Tag.

ACP troop mrFunnel without any tag

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[US] Army Republic vs Nachos vs Pizza Federation – Results!

The Army Republic (Echo) and Nachos (Alpha) faced off in an intense battle today that also involved the Pizza Federation. This exciting battle also celebrated our Second In Command Cubby’s birthday. Here are the results of our battle:

Room 1: Army Republic
Room 2: Nachos
Room 3: Tie

Max: 46

ACP Field General

[AUSIA] FrankenCSY Takeover- Results!

Heya, Frankenstein Monsters

It’s FrankenSanya? I guess? Okay… Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a fun Frankenstein Takeover we did great and we had tons of fun

We were able to max 38 penguins for this fun event!

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[UK] Operation Delta Battle vs Crimson Guardians Results

Howdy ACP! Today we logged on Bunny Hill to battle our lovely allies ❤ Crimson Guardians for our tournament preparation.

Max: 46


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®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®ACP résumé hebdomadaire OCTOBRE!!!!!!!!®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®

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[UK] Star Wars Takeover Results!

Hello hello hello, ACP!

Today, we logged onto the server Bunny Hill on Club Penguin Armies to celebrate ShadowSaint’s (that’s me!) 20th birthday with a Star Wars Takeover event! The whole time was filled with awesome costumes, creative tactics from high command and yours truly, and overall fun times! BIG thanks to all who attended! Y’all made me feel really special today!

MAX: 37

March on!

ACP Moderator

[UK] Fright or Fight Round 1: Battle vs. Army of Orient Seas – Results!

Hola ACP!

Today we logged on Whitehouse, CPArmies for our first battle of the Fight or Fright tournament! We faced up against our brother allies, Army of Orient Seas (We love you guys ❤ ) and fought valiantly for the win. In the end, the victory went to…
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Halloween Igloo Catalog &; New Pin – October 2020

The new CPR Igloo Catalog has finally been released, along with a new pin! Read on to find out all about it…

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