Soldier Of The Month November 2015!

Hi, ACP. Welcome, to my first Soldier Of The Month post (SOTM) in which I shall be rewarding the hardest working moderators and members in the army every month. This month’s winner is :

trophy 2Why?

He’s an active moderator of the US division

He’s also a hard working moderator

He’s interactive on chat

Good job Tamiyami!


If you guys want to win Soldier of the Month then:

  • Recruit
  • Welcome new troops to chat
  • Following rules on chat
  • Being active on chat and attending events
  • Having fun

Once more, congratulations to Tamiyami, if you want to be Soldier of the Month of December then make sure to follow the tips above. Stay active and loyal!

natsu gif

Super Edwin


11 Responses

  1. Well done Tamiyami!

  2. Congratulations. Well chosen on your part Edwin.

  3. Thanks Edwin! 😀 I’ll strive to be the best mod I can be ~ Let’s get ACP back on its feet! Thank you Mondo and Edwin for your kind words 🙂

  4. Well done Tami! I really think you do deserve it!! 😀 . Btw sorry I’m so bloody late for commenting on this post…

  5. oh my word the days of that gif

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