[AUSIA] PB vs. Special Weapons And Tactics

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

WARZONE, “Battle: ACP vs. Special Weapons And Tactics”–  Good Evening ACP! Earlier today our AUSIA division logged onto CPA Battleground Warzone for a practice battle against SWAT to train our army for the upcoming AUSIA Arena tournament.

Max Size: 25

Max Size Picture:

To start the battle, our troops marched into the Stadium and quickly bombed it. To make a strong start to the event, we formed a plus to gain control of the room. Because the opposition was small than us, the plus helped us to try and cover each area of the stadium, leaving little room for the opposition. Despite some afks, we grew in size and dominated the room with big sizes and smart formations. We bombed out of the plus and got into an upside-down T formation which cut through the centre of the Stadium. Activity and focus helped us to maintain control of the room while in this form.

After doing two different bombs at the same time, with both sides of the stadium water falling the room with different emotes we bombed into the forts. From there, we quickly formed a reverse L and got prepared before our opposition got into the room. Going from quick tactics and emotes to jabs, we aimed to maintain control of the battle as we kept going at them full speed, doubling their size. We quickly bombed and formed an upside-down V which saw us through most of the room. We kept the speed up and gained momentum as we aimed to dominate, taking advantage of our size. Despite SWAT trying to cut through our upside-down V with an upside-down T, they failed to do so as we kept raising the stakes and increasing in size.

After bombing and quickly forming an X we moved onto the Docks and formed an upside-down V formation. From here, we strived to get 25 people online, increasing our size even more whilst fending off SWAT. We then reconvened, after the battle, into the town to take a picture with all 25 troops present.

Event Tactics Pictures:

Room 1: Stadium

Room 2: Snow Forts

Room 3: Docks

Special shoutout to our loyal troops who attended:

  • Calgo will update when he finishes attendance logs

If I missed your name, please message me so I can update the list.

Thank you all for attending today’s AUSIA event! Can’t wait to see you at our next event later this week, and the AUSIA Arena tournament coming up.

March on troops!


ACP Field Marshal & UK Division Commander

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