[UK] ACP Occupies The Docks Permanately

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Operation: Invasion of Docks”– ¡Hola ACP! Today, Saturday, February 4th, our UK division logged onto CPA Battleground in the server Battleground for the invasion of the free land Docks. This was going to be a battle against WV but due to some scheduling issues we couldn’t have this battle, but this didn’t stop us from having a great battle against Dino!

For this event, we went to the docks for our invasion and our big battle, and then we stayed there during the rest of our event while doing many tactics and formations.

Thanks to everyone that attended this event where we reached a max size of 19 penguins online for today’s invasion! Shout out to Dino for making this such a challenging battle and to Calgo’s toaster laptop. Also, thanks to Shpec for being the judge for our invasion!

Max Size: 19

Max Size Picture:

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