[USA] Delta Division Returns to US!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Operation: Delta Division Formations” — Good evening, troops! Tonight, on January 20th, ACP’s Delta Division made a comeback for a tactic practice, invasion of Omelette, and Golden Week event! With thirty-three reactions on the event channel post and an inevitable 200+ clover reward for attendees, U.S. soldiers grew one step closer in the race for the new Golden Uniform role. 

The event began at 8:00pm EST on the Docks, where troops cycled through formations and Delta tactics for about 15 minutes for our invasion of Omellete. From there, a room change was made to Stadium, which provided more space for testing new forms, including spelling out A-C-P by letter. Overall we reached a max of 27 attendees, though 32 showed up in total!

Max Size: 27

Max Size Picture:

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