[USA] Vets are Given the Recognition they Deserve

ICE BREAKER, “Veterans Day Celebration” –  Good afternoon ACP! Yesterday, our USA division logged on to celebrate the US holiday known as Veterans Day! In the spirit of celebrating our veterans, we saw it necessary to celebrate our own vets by throwing an event for them! We got out our drums and trumpets to honor our own veterans and those who have served. We marched and paraded around the island passing through Town, Snow Forts, Cove, and Docks. It was wonderful seeing 17 of our troops show up in support of our troops. Thank you to the vets of ACP for making what this army is today, you are appreciated even when inactive or still around.

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Thank you all for attending and celebrating our veterans! I had a fun time helping lead and creating fun times with those who have been with us in ACP. Never forget what ACP is, and those who brought great moments to help celebrate these types of things. Special thanks to you, ACP veterans.


ACP General

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