[AUGUST 2022] Comment for Promotion!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Deserve a promotion for your work in August 2022? Please comment below!

Discord Tag:

CPAB Username:

Current Rank:

Activity Level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!):

Why do you deserve a promotion?

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Advisor

9 Responses

  1. ZiTo




    I have been attending most events throughout August, and although the Fall semester is starting, I really think I can step into a higher role within ACP. I have conversed with Calgo about the bulletin and am excited to take on new responsibilities if they are given to me.

  2. Discord Tag: JEMMA!#0550

    CPR name: I don’t use CPR but I use CPAB, Sidie is my name

    Current Rank: General (3ic)

    Activity level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!): Before I went on leave it was a 9

    Why do you deserve a promotion? I been on dat grind and putting da hard yards 💪

  3. Discord Tag: shallissa#6969

    CPAB username: shallissa

    Current Rank: General (3ic)

    Activity Level: 7 or 8, I was a little inactive for a bit because of work but since I’ve been back I’ve very active.

    I deserve a promotion bc you love me mchappy

  4. Discord Tag: Blizzard#5555

    CPAB name: Calgocubs21

    Current Rank: Major General

    Activity level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!): 10

    Why do you deserve a promotion?

    I believe that I deserve a promotion as I have been highly dedicated towards improving ACP. This past month alone I attended 11 events which was the highest attendance overall and I helped out with every event I could in terms of DMing, hyping chat, writing event posts, and on some occasions taking over and leading when HCOM was unavailable. HCOM in August also let me organize and lead two of my own CPAB events which were [US] Airforce and [AUSIA] Navy. I put an immense amount of time into planning both of these events and I want to continue to plan new and innovative events that troops can enjoy. I also have been sponsoring Nitro giveaways and plan to continue to do so in the future. I have been quite active in the server and have sent over 3,700 messages in August. I look forward to continuing to climb my way up in ACP and bring prosperity back to our army.

  5. power#1000

    CPAB name : power

    Current Rank : Sergeant

    Activity level : 7.5/10 (dropped a bit in the past week and a half due to school).

    I believe that I deserve a promotion as I have been trying my hardest to help with CPAB for the past 3 weeks (which is the entirety of how long I’ve been here). I’ve attended around half of the events in august and have achieved recruiter of the week (which cmiir is a relatively high rank), and that about sums it up.

  6. Discord Tag: Carmelo3#0160

    CPAB username: Carmelo3

    Current Rank: Brigader General

    Activity Level: 7-8/10

    Why do you deserve a promotion?
    I feel I deserve a promotion as over the last month I have been super active and have played a major role in the whole project revival for Acp. I attended many events and also helped lead many as well. I also helped mentor some new troops as they came into the army and also helped current mods on how to lead events. I’m usually fairly active during late times in main chat and am always available to welcome new troops. Also I love you Mchappy:)

  7. Discord tag: AlexR#9999
    CPAB username: Alemax
    Current rank: Brigadier General
    Activity level: 9
    Why do you deserve a promotion?
    I attended almost every AUSIA event in August (there’s one I didn’t attend while being on leave and one I afk logged at the beginning and joined at the end, getting the max of 20, attending 5/6 events in total). I was very active in the server all month, giving time and effort into moderating the server and supervising the Recruiting Force, also doing the last AUSIA post of August. As school is starting, I will be less active within the server but will keep a schedule that will allow me to be active a few hours a day and to attend AUSIA events thus, my activity level will downgrade just a little bit.

  8. k y l e#0001
    The Olive Branch😄
    Idk you could say like 6, chats dead most of the time so you can’t be crazy active
    Idk man I wouldn’t mind being a coordinator, I’m happy to welcome the new troops or whatever you know

    This is like Half serious

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