The ACP Clover Cocktail

BREEZE, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Hello ACP! So, for I’ve in this community for some time, and well for those who have got the opportunity to know me a little bit more might know that I’m a bartender and I really like to take pictures of cocktails made by my bartender friends and some of mine.

Disclaimer: This article is purely for entertainment purposes. DO NOT try this at home if you are under your legal drinking age. If you are at the legal drinking age, please drink responsibly. 

Some time ago Max brought me the idea of making a drink inspired on the Army of CP, and that is exactly what I tried the last couple of days. So, I present to you an in-depth review of the ACP Cocktail I made!

What is it made of and how do you make it?

So, for this drink I got inspired in the Midori Sour, but I just removed some ingredients and change the amount of the ones left. I used 2oz or 60ml Midori Liqueur, this is a Japanese Melon liqueur, and this gives the green color to this drink. I also used 1/2oz or 15ml of lime juice and 1/2oz or 15ml of lemon juice, this help the drink be a little bit sourer and have a contrast with the Midori.

The process of making this drink is fairly easy, just pour all you ingredients in your glass full of ice and stir until you get your desired taste.

How is it Visually?

So, the ACP cocktail obviously needed to be green so that it could represent the colors of our army as well as our famous clovers. It goes in a small old-fashioned glass with some big ice cubes so that the ice doesn’t dilute fast. And as garnish we have a maraschino cherry and some mint leaves, I wanted to use a 4-leave clover, but I couldn’t find any, so I tried my best to represent a clover with something else.

How does it smell and taste?

For the smell it wasn’t easy to describe, but I could tell the fresh smell of the mint, also the sweet smell coming from the maraschino cherry, as for the drink It’s weird to explain because the smell isn’t that powerful, but you get a faint smell of melon.

As for the taste, IT IS SO GOOD, if you ever had a one of those green jolly ranchers, it has the same sourness, but it goes so good with the Midori, I liked it a lot.

I hope that you enjoyed my review in the ACP cocktail, also comment what is your opinion in this, would you drink it? or what other inspired drinks would you like to see.


ACP Major General

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  1. Love this Seb! You are super super talented!

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