[AUSIA] Invading Free Land in the New Map Era

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

FREE LAND, The Shorelines — Today we held our first invasion of free land on the new community map. Keep your Roman helmets on, soldiers. There’s a lot more left to conquer. During the event, we had 17 clover penguins in attendance. If you have attended this event, you have earned 6 clovers!

Max: 17

We even created a summoning circle at the Dojo and summoned our former Higher Commander, Sanya7. From our leader’s words, this was a great invasion that lead to a very prosperous Clover Empire. Thank you to Cheska, Nyoom, and Roxy for leading! Thank you to former leader Max for taking event pictures. Be sure to comment below if you can see your penguin.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian 

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