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The First

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

It goes without saying that the Medal of Honor is an elusive award. Even more impressive is being part of an exclusive club of leaders to have led for over a year.

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One Last Time- The Retirement of Sanya!

This was a very hard post to write, but my time has come… I joined the Army of CP on April 21st, 2020, when I was chilling in chat as a visitor. I first DMed Kailey133 to join because I wanted to join ACP for awhile cause my friends wanted me too and I ended up getting the rank of private, LOL. I thought I would be in ACP was just going to be that random server stage where I join an active server, stay for a few weeks and leave and just forget about it. But no, it wasn’t… There were so many amazing people I met there and instantly fell in love with, and I was able to make friends who taught me how to be a much better person. From seeing cherry’s hilarious shipping names in the main chat, Kailey310 with her clovers, and being reunited with my old friends like Bschar and Robot ❤

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