The First

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

It goes without saying that the Medal of Honor is an elusive award. Even more impressive is being part of an exclusive club of leaders to have led for over a year.

This medal showcases the dedication and hard work by exceptional people in this army. It’s prestige indicates that someone has made change to not only ACP itself, but to the army community as a whole.

Csy was essentially the dark horse that naturally rose to the position of leader during a time of uncertainty. Our great army was still fairly early into its revival and he carried the torch further than what was originally thought. I saw how he reacted to problems, faced adversity, and how he put his best foot forward to stay in line with his beliefs. I saw him lead the army for well over a year now all while winning wars, tournaments, and even getting us back to top contender positions. His reign began in early 2020 and now 2022 is fast approaching. Thanks to Csy, the ACP has cemented itself further into the heart of this community and relevancy – a thing lost upon us in the ending days of 2017.

I have watched Csy become leader, lead successfully, and now I will see him off. The Panel of Guardians have conferred during this momentous occasion and came to an unanimous conclusion. Thus it is with great honor that I present the Medal of Honor to Csy, the 45th Leader of ACP. Good luck friend.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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