A Trip Down Memory Lane With Fusion

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to the latest edition of A Trip Down Memory Lane, this time featuring Field General Fusion! What has been his favorite memory?

Fusion first joined the Most Wanted in December of 2019 before joining Mayhem after their shutdown in January. He then joined the Doritos in February of 2020 and the Ice Warriors in March of the same year. In August, Fusion joined the Dark Warriors before rejoining the Ice Warriors again. Fusion then joined the Army of CP in February of this year and has been here ever since.

Having been with the Clovers since February, Fusion is sure to have made many memories. But which has he deemed his favorite? To find out more, I reached out to Fusion for a quick interview.

What has been your favorite memory during your time in ACP?

My favorite memory was for sure project conquest!!

What was your favorite part about Project Conquest?

The competitive aspect! It lit a fire underneath everyone on the staff team and HCOM to make sure we did what we could do to give us the victory! It was also fun to have that competitive aspect back in the community!

What made Project Conquest more memorable than other previous community events?

It was a different kind of format. It was different from the traditional bracket where the same 4 armies ended up at the end so it gave everyone a fair shot! It also promoted a lot more strategy rather than full on size so it was such a blast to take part in

How did you feel when ACP was announced as the winner?

It was the most rewarding experience of my army career! We all worked so hard whether it be recruiting, hyping, or just being there when our HCOM needed us, it was so rewarding for all of us to come out victorious

It seems that Fusion has chosen Project Conquest as his favorite memory, a fun community event where armies battled it out for land. Who will be interviewed next week, and what memory will they choose?

What do YOU think about Fusion’s favorite memory? Let us know in the comment section down below!


ACP Co-ordinator & Shamrock Bulletin Editor

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  1. Amazing!! Love this!

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