[UK/US] Army Community Makes History With Pride Parade Celebrations

ASCENT, ‘Community Pride Parade’ – Today we made army history. For the first time ever, we held a community-wide Pride Parade, at which armies put aside their past differences to come together to celebrate our beautiful LGBTQIA+ community. We brought Ascent to 3 bars and were even joined by several CPR mods who wanted to support our parade! Well done, all!

MAX: 40

Maximum size picture:


Army of CP Commander-in-Chief

3 Responses

  1. Was there!! What a beautiful moment!

  2. This had to be the most wholesome event I’ve ever attended in the almost 2 years I’ve been in ACP and armies in general! I had so much fun, and I was smiling almost the whole time because it made me so happy to see everyone, both ally and rival, being nice to one another. We should do stuff like this more often!

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