Moment of the Month: May 2021

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – As June arrives, we look back on the past month and celebrate what the Army of CP staff have selected as May’s ‘Moment of the Month‘.

The Army of Club Penguin staff team recently held a vote to establish what we believed to be the single ‘Moment of the Month‘ for May 2021. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact within our ACP community, be that be a war, retirement or promotion. So without further ado, we present the May moment and two runner-ups. 

3. ‘Clash of Titans’ Three-Way AUSIA Battle versus Help Force and Rebel Penguins Concludes A Tie

Words by: Henry

The army community saw a huge clash between three of the strongest AUSIA forces on Saturday, May 29th. The three-way battle was fought between the Army of CP, the Help Force, and the Rebel Penguin Federation. In the end, this ‘Clash of Titans‘ resulted in a draw for all three armies. There was no overtime room and the battle was filled with friendly bantering between the three. In the battle, the ACP maxed a total of 49 penguins. This battle comes a week after ACP was victorious in the war against the Doritos, and during that week, the ACP held multiple practice battles to prepare for the big fight.

2. Army of CP Claims Number One on Top Ten Armies on May 2nd

Words by: Max

The Army of CP soldiers celebrated a huge achievement right at the start of May: achieving the first position on the Shamrock Bulletin Top Ten Armies on May 2nd. A fantastic score of 83.86 was reached, 3 points ahead of the second position Help Force. The week leading up to this saw the ACP host nine events in total, with a variety of fun CP Rewritten costume events and practice battles leading up to the first annual Spring Fling hosted by the Shamrock Bulletin. This exciting community formal saw an amazing 60 soldiers attend.

1. Army of CP Wins ‘War of the Estranged Brothers’ vs. Doritos

Words by: Caramel

On May 14th, the Army of CP declared war on the Doritos in a war dubbed the ‘War of the Estranged Brothers‘. The next day, the Clovers raided the Doritos during a practice battle and came out victorious. The Army of CP then invaded Summit, earning another victory and changing the war score to 2-0. The following battle saw the Army of CP successfully defend Mammoth. On May 21st, the Clovers earned yet another victory in their invasion of Slushy. The last battle of the war also ended in the favor of the Clover Defenders as they managed to defend Brumby successfully. With a score of 5-0 against the Doritos, a treaty was discussed amongst leaders from both sides, and the war was officially over.

And there we have it – the Moment of May 2021 and accompanying runner-ups. As we now head into the sixth month of the year, what can we expect to occur? And what moment will top our listing at the end of it?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Caramel, Henry and Max

Shamrock Bulletin Reporters

2 Responses

  1. Another crazy month in ACP!

  2. Some amazing moments this month. Looking forward to what awaits in June!

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