[US] Battle vs. Templars – Results!

Hola, ACP!

Earlier today, during our AUSIA event, we decoded our next clue to uncover the person, or people, who stole the clovers from our Clover Bot. As the clue was discovered to be “Old Foe”, in today’s US event we went head on against our old foe, the Templars! Thank you to Robot, Cubby and Daniel for leading the battle. Sadly, as our battle ended, they [Templars] told us that they weren’t the robber we were looking for. This battle surely left us with more questions rather than answers… Stay tuned for upcoming events as we get closer and closer to uncovering the true robber.

Max: 41

Thanks to everyone who attended! Also thank you to Templars for taking the time to battle us! React in the #events channel over in our Discord server if you can attend our upcoming events.


ACP General

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  1. GGs Templars! Awesome job ACP! ❤

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