[AUSIA] Mission: Just Roll With It – Results!

Good Morning ACP!

Today, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten once again for another fun event! Today, we maxed at a good size of 40. Also, our leader, Commander In Chief CSY, lead us in a skating event where we did some fun tactics and formations. At the end of the event, we did a “who is the fastest penguin” race! For this quick, fun race, Supervisor Sanya, gave us the rooms to where we needed to skate our way for victory! I would like to give a quick shout out to Roxy, Spotty and Yeeter for getting the RollerSkaters Champion role! Congratulations guys!

Thank you guys for coming to this fun event. I hope everyone had a great time and if you missed this one, that’s okay! Come and join us at our next event @5PM EST. Comment if you came and hope to see you all at the next one later today!


Field General

4 Responses

  1. i came!!

  2. Good job, nice article Faith! -Tasty

  3. Nice job ausia!

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