Penguin Vogue: Kailey and Tsanami




BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to another week of Penguin Vogue, where ACP Major Keynikki interviews her fellow troops on their uniforms and the meanings and stories behind each item they wear! Today, we interview ACP Field Marshal Kailey and ACP Field General Tsanami on their uniforms! Why do they wear the uniforms that they wear, and why do they think that the ACP uniform is important?

Army of CP Field Marshal Kailey has been in the army for quite some time, and her uniform shows us so much about her and her dedication to the army!

For Kailey’s head item, she originally wore a green ball cap, but now dons the Flutterby, so she can finally get that head full of hair!

Back then, wigs didn’t exist so I was a bald penguin but I have rebranded to a wig penguin :emote_peace: #baldpenguinsmatter

Kailey rocks the mustache for her face item – and when I say rocks, I mean it.

The moustache has just looked really hilarious to me from the beginning. When I was a really active CPR player it used to be fun wearing the moustache with weird outfits and trolling :sob:

Kailey credits the green hockey jersey and white scarf to her maple syrup bloodline since where she’s from is usually pretty cold!

White scarf and green hockey jersey come from well I guess I’m Canadian and it’s cold around here :sadacpgreenpenguin:

She even brings along one of her personal favorites with her into battles – a green turtle plushie! Maybe that’s her bodyguard?

Personally I love stuffed animals they are so cute so of course had to find a green one and it was the tortue (turtle but in french) :turtlekailey:

To end her look, Kailey rocks some green sneakers! 

Of course, Kailey is well known for her awesome mustache and Canadian roots, eh? Well, we put her to the ultimate test with the final question! Why does she think that the ACP uniform is important?

Our uniform unites us and brings the army together has a whole. There’s something unique about it since it’s unlike other armies. Each individual has their own special items to make their uniform important to themselves. We are all apart of one but we all have different identities and that can be shown from our uniforms :ACPheart:

A beautiful answer to the golden question from this member of ACP’s Higher Command! Watch out, Kailey, I’m coming for your maple syrup.

Tsanami is a Field General within the Army of Club Penguin, but that’s not all. In the past, Tsanami created and led the Crimson Guardians, one of our closest allies in the past. Now, as a Field General, she leads events as a moderator and proves to us that she is an excellent leader in more than one way! Plus, Csynami was the OTP last year, and you can’t change my mind.

Tsanami wears the red viking helmet and the scuba tank as a tribute to the original ACP uniform!

I wear the red viking helmet and scuba tank because they’re Classic™️ items which have been part of ACP uniforms in the past.

She also chooses to wear black sunglasses with her uniform, making the fit look ten times cooler.

I don’t have a big reason for wearing black sunglasses with the outfit besides the fact that I like how they look with the rest of the outfit.

On her body, Tsanami wears the green grid hoodie along with green sneakers on her flippers.

Given that my penguin isn’t very old (due to losing past accounts to mutes :sadacpgreenpenguin:), I don’t have as many in-game items as others which could make finding a good uniform for ACP tougher. But, once I looked through my inventory for ACP green themed items, I noticed the green grid hoodie and thought it looked cool. The green sneakers came after because well, they were the only green shoes I had at the time.

And to finish it off, Tsanami brings along her happy octopus plushie to accompany her in battles and events, since CSY rejected her so long ago.

The octopus plushie was an item I bought only recently and while it isn’t green, it’s recently become a staple of my typical uniform. It’s a cute hand item, and the fact that CSY dislikes it makes me like it even more as an accessory to my uniform :ThumbsUp:

Tsanami wears her ACP uniform like an absolute queen, wearing some items just to make a certain first-in-command mad, and some as a tribute to the classical feel of the original ACP uniform, However, one question remains for her! Why does she think that the ACP uniform is important?

I think the ACP uniform is important because while we don’t have access to the convenience of full uniforms anymore like we did on the CPATG or CPA CPPS, our uniform represents who we are. Despite the varying uniforms from Privates to staff, the uniforms still show how unique we all are, and how united ACP is as a family as long as we’re together in green.

As you all can see, both Kailey and Tsanami wear their uniforms with pride, bringing their love for plushies into their uniform, and donning the ACP green as they march onto the battlefield!

What do YOU think? What items that they wear are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


ACP Major & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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