Penguin Vogue: Max and Leila

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to another week of Penguin Vogue, where ACP Major Keynikki interviews her fellow troops on their uniforms and the meaning behind them! Today, we’ll be interviewing ACP Field Marshall Max and ACP Major Leila on what they wear on a typical day in the Army of Club Penguin! Why do they wear the uniforms that they wear, and why do they think that the ACP uniform is important?

Max is a Field Marshall with ACP, and simps heavily for Timothee Chalamet and the army as a whole! Having been a past ACPTR Director and been in the army since the start of the CPPS era, Max takes serious pride in wearing his uniform, and it shows! 

For Max’s head item, he wears a Green Viking Helmet!

The Green Viking Helmet is a key part of my uniform – I was awarded it from the CPR team on August 21st, 2017, as the 23rd Penguin of the Week! As a rare item in the game, and the fact it’s the green (ACPs signature color) version of the classic Red Viking Helmet, which is synonymous with post 2010 ACP, means a lot to me.

He rocks the spy goggles, and for a very historical reason, too!

The Spy Goggles I chose because not only do they look awesome, but they remind me of the ACPSIS (Secret Intelligence Service) which I am a huge fan of in terms of historic importance.

Max brings in a classic military look with his green camo background and his brown boots, making his ACP uniform look more official!

The brown shoes and camo background are also a staple in my uniform and I always have them on: both really remind me of the classic army-like culture that I am always keen to bring into both mine and others ACP experience.

He brings in a classic feel to his uniform as he wears the scuba pack, black electric guitar, and the green letterman jacket, saying that they’re a must-have!

The other items: the Scuba pack, Black guitar and Green Letterman are all classic ACP uniform items and therefore are a must. I’m a big CPA history fan so having and wearing these items proudly on the battlefield means a lot to me.

This second in command clearly loves to incorporate history into his uniform, along with classic items that you’d typically see in every uniform! But the big question remains for Max – why is the ACP uniform important?

Our uniform is important because it represents who we are. Not every ACP uniform is the same, and it shouldn’t be either. One of the ACP’s core values is the promotion of individuality and being yourself no matter what – we are an online space for those to escape and be themselves. The uniform represents this perfectly: express who you are in the ACP through what you wear at our events and battles. Or, if your name is Sophie, don’t and just wear a red baseball cap!! :rofl:

Max is an ACP history nerd, having directed AND taught ACPTR courses in the past, and even simps for Timothee Chalamet and ACP Legend Koloway. He incorporates his love for history and the classic ACP uniform items into his uniform, making a classic yet unique look for his uniform!

Leila is a Major within the Army of Club Penguin, and has quite the story behind her highly unique ACP uniform!

Before we start, I think it’s important to recognize the story that Leila told the Shamrock Bulletin as to why her uniform is the way that it is – and honestly, we’re here for it.

So people like to think of me as quite a fashionista. My inspiration all started when Max called me out in acp main chat a while back with a screenshot of a nakey green penguin and he said “is this leila:joy:” and everyone lost their minds. So i got to thinking!! I stand out quite a bit in chat, may as well in cpr too! Now while i may be a responsible penguin, i wasn’t a very rich penguin! so i had to start with the basics.

Let’s get out of order here – for her body piece, Leila wears absolutely nothing. Not even pants. How scandalous.

I do not have a shirt because who needs that.

For her shoes, she chooses to wear green crocs!

I got my green crocs, ideal because I want to be fearless showing up to battles, and a crocodile is a very POWERFUL creature that represents my personal nature as well as that of the army of club penguin.

Leila holds a jar of eyes in her flippers as part of her uniform – weird flex, but we’re here for it.

Next up we have my jar of eyes. some people say they are the jars of my enemies, i’d like to think the locals i control! Either one works.

And last but not least, she wears a green froggy hat on her head for the uniform! Adorable! Fashion queen!

To finish off my wardrobe, i have the iconic green frog hat we used in an event once! Always stay dedicated to special events!

Leila also left off her explanation with one final comment!

I would like to point out this is all in my penguin pouch because acp or die (and because i’m poor)

Leila’s uniform is not only fashionable, but it’s quite literally all she wears! But of course, we had to ask her the number one question – why does she think that the ACP uniform is important?

I think the acp uniform is pretty important because it’s unique compared to other armies!! It matches how unique the army inside is! when i first was introduced to armies, acp wasn’t one of the ones i had to chance to experience and get to know. but after being staff for a short time, i’ve learned that the staff is quite UNIQUE (in the best way possible) being unique in this community is a very important factor and i think acp captures that really well.

Leila prides herself in being an ACP troop, just like Max, and both have great meanings behind each part of their uniforms! They both pride themselves in wearing the uniform because of ACP’s uniqueness and individuality, which is something that ACP is highly known for in this community.

What do YOU think? What items that they wear are your favorite? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Major & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Haha fantastic column! Thanks for including me, Nikki!

  2. Amazing uniforms from both!

  3. Love the fits! Thanks for the advice Max LOL

  4. Nice uniform guys !!!

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