Comrade Clash: Rah and Sanya

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to the latest edition of Comrade Clash, this time featuring Supervisors Rah and Sanya. How well do they know each other?

Rah first joined the army community in July of 2019 with the Pirates. She then went on to join the Doritos in December and ranked up to leader. Following their shutdown, Rah joined the Army of CP during the Fright or Fight and March Madness tournaments as a Fourth in Command before settling as a Supervisor.

Sanya, on the other hand, first joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in March of 2017. He then retired in April of 2020 and joined the Army of CP as a private, eventually ranking up to the position of Supervisor.

To find out how well Rah and Sanya knew each other, I reached out to both of them for an interview.

What was your first impression of each other?

Rah: Okay, so I totally forgot when me and Sanya officially met :sob: However, I found Sanya really sweet and we’d chat in mutual servers. I remember how helpful and determined Sanya was when I joined ACP back in October to help out with FOF.

Sanya: Omg lovely question!

My first impression of rah is some DCP leader I could troll in CPAH LOL and when she joined ACP after the help force battle manz was sweating :rofl: But I do remember she was known as DCP’s sweetest and nicest leader and I found her really sweet kind and helpful to talk with army stuff and irl stuff haha

What is one fun memory you’ve had with each other?

Rah: Back when CPAH was still alive, some IW person had a concern about DCP being controversial or whatever. I got a ping from Sanya, telling them to DM me if they had any concerns lmfao

Sanya: Omg the fun memory i shared was definitely when I trolled her in CPAH cause I was looking to troll someone and have fun and spotted the opportunity to do so with rah :sob:

What is one quality you like about each other?

Rah: I like how wise Sanya is. Sanya always looks out for the best for the server or members. Sanya has good judgement regarding important decisions that would best influence everyone and provides helpful advice for those who may seem lost or need a shoulder to lean on. I’m glad ACP has someone like Sanya on the team, making sure ACP is in the right direction

Sanya: I truly believe the best quality about Rah is how sweet and kind she is. She always gives this leadership vibe and her experience is something I can always look up to I feel like a person like her can supply necessary judgement on how to handle foreign relations and such and giving me this some sort of imaginative vibe on how it’s like being a leader. I don’t have experience leading an army and I don’t think I’ll ever lead but she has experience and she truly knows what she’s doing and I’m glad I have the honor of working with her side by side as a Supervisor and figuring things out with the revamped supervisor system and such.

If your comrade was able to choose an infinite supply of something, what would it be?

Rah: I think Sanya would enjoy a infinite supply of any fast food available :sob: You can always catch Sanya flexing whatever she has for lunch or dinner, which makes me extremely hungry :E9~4: Either that, or a infinite supply of bans/kicks because Sanya loves punishing locals who go crazy :simphearts:

Sanya: Cruise Ship Tickets and Plane Tickets so we can go to the bahamas like 32op :hearteyesbearKE: and enjoy our afterlives after CPA because we like to talk about what we will do in our lives after CPA. I would love to give her an infinite supply of vacations so we can enjoy lives as it is

Supervisors Rah and Sanya seem to have known each other for a while and have shared many memories. They both replied with kind words for each other and recalled fun moments in their interview answers. But who knows the other better?

What do YOU think? Which comrade knows the other better? Let us know in the comment section down below!


ACP Lieutenant General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Great interview, Caramel!

  2. Great one Caramel!

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