The Hidden Meanings of Green

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BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – We all know that when Oagalthorp created the Army of Club Penguin way back in September 2006, he chose green as its primary color because it is the color most often associated with a real-world army. But did you know that the color green also has quite a few more hidden, symbolic meanings that actually describe our beloved community quite well?

Green Meaning #1: Growth

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It’s no secret that ACP is a constantly-growing community, having just recently reached 10,000 members on our Discord server. Because of this continuous growth, we’ve been able to expand our influence beyond Club Penguin and into more gaming communities such as those of Minecraft, Among Us, Roblox, and, most recently, the world of e-sports. ACP has grown so, so much in so many ways since it was revived in September 2019, and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Green Meaning #2: Peace

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ACP stands out in the army community for favoring peace over war. We don’t start wars simply to show off our power or flaunt our original tactics; no, we only get involved in a conflict when another army disrupts or threatens the justice we hold close to our hearts. Even when ACP do get involved with a conflict, our leaders have a strong preference for negotiation and will use it heavily to avoid further conflict; only when negotiations do not work do our leaders break the peace and prepare us for war. In summary, ACP don’t pick fights first; we prefer to keep things peaceful.

Green Meaning #3: Learning

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Every member of ACP, from the wide-eyed recruits to the mighty Panel of Guardians, learns so much about so many different things, be it how to handle Club Penguin warfare, how the lives of other members are different or similar to theirs, how to remain an active and committed soldier, the list goes on and on. Our community provides a platform of endless learning opportunities in various ways for everyone to experience, explore, and even enjoy. As an added bonus, these lessons can be applied just about anywhere, which is all the better for getting each of our members through life one step at a time.

Green Meaning #4: Progress

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Thanks to our countless training exercises, drills, practice battles, ACP Training Regiment (ACPTR) lessons, and Delta events, ACP has progressed so much in mastering Club Penguin warfare. They have enabled us to become so strong and so numerous that we’ve been able to not only take on some of the most powerful armies of this era, but to also win against them! We will never stop continuing to better our skills and taking them on and beating them again. Every accomplishment we make as an army is another step closer to another major victory and re-establishing ourselves as a Club Penguin army superpower that is not beneath, but equal to, to the best in CPA history. 

Green Meaning #5: Harmony

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Finally, ACP‘s willingness to accept everyone, no matter who they are, is the biggest and most important thing that makes us stand out from all other armies. This quality of ours has helped countless former members of other armies find a new home after leaving their previous army for whatever reason they may have had. It has also helped so many of our own members feel seen, heard, understood, and above all, loved, sometimes to the point that we’re a better family to them than their real life families are. 

ACP takes their harmonious environment very, very seriously, and should anyone threaten it with homophobia, racism, sexism, misogyny, ableism, and every other kind of hatred, they will be subject to immediate disciplinary actions, such as a mute, kick, or ban. As many of our Higher Command have said, “Hate has no home here,” and it is why we will always be green together, family forever.

What do YOU think? Are there any other symbolic meanings of our trademark green that represent us well? Let us know down in the comments section below!


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