[AUSIA] Operation: Green Spring Results!


Wagwan ACP,

Today we logged on Ascent for a little bit of training for our upcoming themed week which will involve a lot of action. We wooshed around the island in our golden jetpacks (thanks CPR for the free drip) and visited the town, docks, beach and the lighthouse. Anyways, here are the pics:

Max: 47

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CPRewritten: Second 9 Million Players Code Released

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The next code to celebrate 9 million Club Penguin Rewritten users has just been released! Join us to find out what the code is and how you can unlock it!

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ACP History Week Official Launch; The Color Wars Announcement

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The Army of CP Higher Command are excited to announce the launch of the very latest themed week: ACP History Week.

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