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BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Following our Patreon push last month to raise funds for the Army of CP website, we’re giving back to our amazing Donators in this new column series. It’s time to get down and deep with Bailey for the next Donator Discussion.

Hey Bailey! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers – who you are, your involvement with ACP, and maybe a fun fact about you that not many people know!

Heyo! I’m bailey also known as baileybear2021 thanks to CSY, e3. While in ACP I have also answered to, pewdsfan, flutter, bear, and bullybear. I am currently a colonel in ACP, but joined ACP on June 7th for the rank of major, after my previous army shut down. A fun fact about me is that my leading style is actually inspired a lot off of Koloway’s style mixed with my basically mentor of life and best friend, Mermaidbri’s style. I believe that when vc leading your job is not to read the tactics, but to motivate and keep the energy of the event alive. VC leading isn’t something that should be taken lightly, it is something you should want to improve on to better the experience of the event for everyone. An event with 15 people laughing and logged on is better than an event with 50 people logged on and no laughter. Nothing comes over the happiness and enjoyment of the people there.

Thank you so much for donating to our patreon! Why did you decide to support the ACP in this way, and what does the ACP mean to you?

I decided to donate for multiple reasons. First because of ACP being the first army, and that means they are responsible for a lot of memories I had growing up. If ACP was never created I would never have met so many people who have completely shaped the person I am today. ACP is literally a giant reason of why I hold the values I use to make decisions in my day to day life and I feel like my donation is literally the bare minimum I can do to repay them for the life they have given me. To me ACP is a home and a place where you can discover who it is you want to be and what you believe in, and I want the opportunity to experience ACP to still be here for years to come.

Ok so – we want to get your opinion on some of the current ACP and community trending topics. What do you make of ACP History Week and did you enjoy your involvement as our new leader?

The history week was amazing and it was a great way to show the newer people in the community how we got to where we are today without a second of boredom. As for becoming leader, I loved taking over, but I don’t quite understand why Koloway changed his mind smh. If I was leader I would have 24-28 events a week and it would be great. I don’t see why I’m not the permanent replacement yet.

I know you’ve formed a lot of close friendships in the ACP, but if you could pick out one – which would it be and why?

That’s really hard to decide as every single person I have met in acp has been amazing and literally made the experience there completely worth it. But if I was forced to choose one I guess I would probably have to go with chicken. He has been there since before I enlisted in ACP and always been a comforting person I could turn to from the very beginning. The first time I dmed him was because I was paranoid about something and he calmed me down about it and ever since he has been someone I can trust with basically anything and is one of if not the most loyal person I know.

Things in the army community are so rapidly changing, but where do you see yourself in 6 months time?

I’m gonna be honest my answer to this changes on a day to day basis but it always seems to stay between two things. I will either continue as I am now, working for Red Ravagers and doing everything in my power to improve and built the community there. On the other hand I will join ACP full time as a staff member eventually and annoy the crap out of all the current hcom with my insane ideas that might never work but we “have to try”. Regardless of which way I go I know the memories I make will be cherish for years to come.

What would you say the biggest in-real-life lesson ACP and the army community has taught you?

That peoples age doesn’t tell their maturity. Most of the immature people I have met were grown adults and I have gotten incredible advise from teens.

Do you have any regrets in ACP or the army community? If you could go back in time – would you change them?

There are a lot of things that I have experienced in the army community that I wish didn’t happen. Most of them I dont think I would actually change though as they lead me to the friendships I have now and have shaped me as a person. If I could go back in time there is only one thing I would change and that is not talking to someone who led to people I care about getting hurt. Overall though, the good here out weighs the bad, especially when talking about ACP.

Thanks so much for speaking with me Bailey, and again for donating!

Thank you very much Bailey for speaking with the Shamrock Bulletin team, it was so interesting to pick your brains on the various discussion points. Join us in a fortnight when we sit down with the next of our Donators.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Temporary Commander-in-Chief & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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