ACP History: The Truth Behind Order 67

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The events of the infamous Order 67 are often misconstrued, but ahead of today’s fun recreation, the Shamrock Bulletin will set you straight with the real story.

We’re rewinding the clock all the way back to July 2008, to the period of the Club Penguin army community where five major armies dominated the scene: the Army of CP, Nachos, Rebel Penguin Federation, Underground Mafias Army and Ice Warriors. These five key players had also formed an alliance named the ‘Army National Treaty Alliance‘, more commonly referred to as ANTA.

The ANTA was organised by Oagalthorp in early 2008 with the purpose of uniting the major armies and discussing the big issues of the day, alongside other basic rules regarding nations. One of the frequently occurring issues was the presence of small armies that were constantly declaring war on the major armies. Usually, these declarations were ignored as the small armies in questions had only two members present at said invasions, or would not even turn up.

Frustrated by the actions of these small armies, ACP leader Fort57 and Nacho leader Shadow2446 devised a plan to combat the problem. This plan was Order 67: the declaration of war from the armies in the ANTA upon all the small armies in the community, who were under an alliance known as the CP United Nations (CPUN). The stated reasons for war were:

1. Most of you have not tried to make a good commitment to the ANTA or the bigger armies.

2. You are stealing ANTA assigned servers w/o officially declaring war and making a scheduled battle.

3. Smaller armies are starting to think they are better and are mocking it and then they get their butts kicked later. Most of you want war, so we’re going to give you a war.

ANTA also gave the small army alliance three options, which were as follows:

Option 1: Surrender your army and end it

Option 2: Surrender your army and start following ANTA rules.

Option 3: Go to war, get unified, and have a chance of winning or losing.

The small army community was outraged by this declaration, and quickly banded together under the CPUN alliance and prepared their soldiers to fight. It was recorded that approximately 60 small armies were under the CPUN banner at its peak. Several skirmishes and unscheduled raids took place between the two sides.

On July 16, 2008, the ANTA announced that Order 67 was over due to its concealed purpose having been fulfilled. This ‘secret’ purpose was to unite the small armies of the community, under the threat of war, so that they could create a successful alliance that the major armies could then ally with. They stated that they never wanted to destroy the small armies, and that Order 67 was a guise to unite and help them.

Whether or not this concealed purpose is the truth has been a hotly debated topic for many years. The Shamrock Bulletin was able to speak with current ACP Panel of Guardian Shaboomboom, who was present at the time of Order 67, and he confirmed the concealed purpose to be true. He revealed the following:

It is true it was to unite. There were so many small armies that would try to declare war on ACP, and of course it’s hard/impossible to keep track of all of them. It’s why there were rules set up eventually for what constitutes an invasion/a valid attempt to take a server. So Order 67 was meant to unit the armies into larger groups, also as a change of “enemies”. 1 or 2 large unions of armies. I think it backfired because Fort didn’t really tell many about the plan/describe what the goal was? So those who didn’t realize/know and those who assumed it was a power move pushed back at it. ANTA had nothing to gain from killing the SM community.

– Shaboomboom, ACP PoG

After Order 67, the ANTA planned to set up another alliance website for all the small armies to join and thus be recognised by the ANTA. This alliance was called the Next Generation Army Alliance, or NGAA. The purpose of this alliance was for the small armies to have a larger voice in the community, with the hope of each smaller army having a ‘big brother’ army to watch over and aid them. However, this idea of another alliance website failed as it was what the CPUN was already doing successfully.

In the end, Order 67 fulfilled what it intended to do: unite the small army community under one banner: the CP United Nations. An overall very interesting time in CP army history, and one which saw a united small army community take on and win against the major armies.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Temporary Commander-in-Chief & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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