Battle Brilliance: 🧢 Unsung Heroes of March Madness Semi-Finals

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome to a special edition of our Battle Brilliance column, where we ask members of the ACP their opinions on our big battles. This week we have not 2 but 3 troops being interviewed along with one staff member! Without further ado, what did they think about our huge battle against the RPF?

Field General Sophie is the first being interviewed today, she joined the Army of Club Penguin back in November and has been a part of the staff team since. She is also well known for her work in the Shamrock Bulletin being one of the main editors. This has certainly not been her first battle but is certainly up there in terms of intensity and size no doubt.

What is your CPR username?

My user is Sophie227. Chicken loves to give me flack about how unoriginal it is to put my birthday in my user, but that’s all there is to it.

Can you share your battling experience?

Ooh, the RPF battle? It was pretty intense. Mostly consisted of running around with a naked penguin and getting locked out of rooms. Rip my WiFi :pray:

Anything else you’d like to add?

Lance Corporal Infinifi joined the Army of Club Penguin during the huge recruiting push that the ACP did over the past week in anticipation for this battle. In fact, it was only their first battle and second time logging onto Club Penguin Rewritten. We hope to see Infinifi in many more events and climbing up the ranks very soon.

What is your CPR username?

My CPR username? It’s Infinifi.

Can you share your battling experience?

Oh my god I was panicking. I was trying so hard to keep up and I hadn’t played Club Penguin in so long that I kept forgetting everything. I followed the lag handbook but I still ended up lagging so hard I had to restart my penguin and then I ended up getting locked out a lot. At some point I gave up and left to play a game to try to earn some money to buy that black hair I was wearing and then I bought a camera. I got locked out in the rooms but I wanted to keep trying my best anyway and hoped we would win.

Our third troop for today is Lance Corporal Jim Habib, he was recruited by Field Marshal Cubster and has been around for almost a month.

What is your CPR username?

My penguin name is JHamoodHabib.

Can you share your battling experience?

Battle experience? There was a lot of us there, everybody was wearing the correct attire and everybody was listening carefully and carried out all given tasks correctly. That’s all I got really lol, it was pretty fun.

Finally comes Chus, an ACP lance corporal, who was recruited by General Daniel during the push and buildup for the RPF battle.

What is your CPR username?


Can you share your battling experience?

I enjoyed it because I had not experienced a community as united as this in a while.

This battle was extremely huge and many of these members are lucky to experience this as their first ACP battle. Some enjoyed it for the community aspect and how organized we were, while others enjoyed the intensity. Nonetheless, this battle is for the history books and will be remembered for a long time for the controversy surrounding it. Who will we feature in the next edition? What battle would be their favorite?


ACP General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. XD ballcap event when?!!!!

  2. aguacate

  3. guacamole

  4. take me out to the ball game

  5. Especially cool to hear from our newer troops! ;D

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