CPRewritten: Operation: Swarm Sneak Peek, Mascots and Potential Release Date

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – More information about Operation: Swarm has now been released. Join us to see a sneak peak, hear which mascot (or mascots) will be visiting and hear about a potential release date for the event.


Yesterday, Stu, a Club Penguin Rewritten Administrator, answered multiple questions from players about what Operation: Swarm. The EPF themed party, that was due to begin in November 2020, was cancelled due to delays and therefore potential conflict with the dates for the Holiday Party.

Mascot Visits

When asked about whether or not Jet Pack Guy, who has not visited CPR for over a year, could be expected during the party, Stu said that the original “idea was herbert and klutzy as the mascots”. However, he did hint towards the fact that everything was likely to change.

Klutzy, who would have first visited the island during the Operation: Swarm party, ended up visiting Club Penguin Rewritten during the construction for the Holiday Party.

The Background that Klutzy gave players when he visited in December 2020

Operation: Swarm Dock Sneak Peek

Stu also revealed the first room sneak peak for the party. The room, which seems to be completely custom, can be expected to arrive at the Dock for the event.

The design fits a similar theme to what we have seen for previous Operation parties on both CPR and the original Club Penguin. Also pictured in the image is a crab, potentially Klutzy, next to a supplies box.

This isn’t the first preview of Operation: Swarm we have had. The Team have previously released these three sneak peaks:

A sneak peak of the map during the event demonstrates the low-light design style that the team have decided upon.

A preview of the interface for the event gave us insight into a potential plot for the event: it hints towards a mind control device made by Herbert

The final preview continues to portray a plot that is somehow linked to control of players’ minds – we are still unsure of how this could impact gameplay

Release Date

Stu has previously said that implementation of this party would require an entire month of focus from the CPR team. In response to one question from a player: “is swarm happening in november or earlier than that”, Stu responded that “[CPR] can aim for november” but that this was “no promise”. This extends the expected wait time for this party significantly, as the team had previously suggested that the party would arrive early this year.

The CPR community is clearly very excited for this party so we will make sure to keep updating you all. As always, join our discord server to keep informed about updates for this party.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Brigadier General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  2. Always very hyped for these EPF themed parties!

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