Top Twenty Armies [02/14/21-02/20/21]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The final Top Twenty of February has arrived, but what changes will we witness from last week?

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1. Ice Warriors [83.66] [+1]

↓ 2. Rebel Penguin Federation [83.08] [-1]

 3. Army of Club Penguin [69.52] [+0]

4. Help Force [66.49] [+0]

5. Water Vikings [49.94] [+2]

 6. Silver Empire [44.04] [+0]

7. Redemption Force [38.50] [+1]

↓ 8. Templars [38.00] [-3]

9. People’s Imperial Confederation [31.32] [+1]

↓ 10. Special Weapons and Tactics [27.50] [-1]

↑ 11. Pizza Federation [19.83] [+2]

↑ 12. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [19.50] [+2]

13. Fire Warriors [18.50] [-2]

14. Red Ravagers [15.00] [-2]

♦ 15. Coffee Beans [10.50] [+0]

↓ 16T. Cries Cult [9.50] [-1]

16T. Royal Penguins [9.50] [-1]

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  • The highest event maximum for the week was the Rebel Penguin Federation in their battle against the Water Vikings. 91 troops were in attendance.
  • The Ice Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, and Help Force tied for the most events this week, each having a total of 8.
  • The Water Vikings had the biggest rise this week, moving up two positions from seventh to fifth, while the Templars had the largest fall, by 3 ranks.
  • 7 out of 17 armies held AUSIA division events this week, which is one more than last week: RPF, IW, ACP, HF, WV, SE and PIC.
  • The Army of Club Penguin has remained in the third ranking for four weeks in a row.
  • The Top Ten armies of this week are the same as last week, although the ranking has changed.

1. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors held a total of eight events this week, their first being an AUSIA Training on Sunday with a max of 42. Next, the Warriors engaged in a practice battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation with 56 troops total. On Monday, the army held another training followed by Connect Four with 55 contestants. Their next event, a practice battle between the army’s Polar and Blizzard divisions, saw a peak of 52 troops. On Wednesday, the Ice Warriors held another training followed by a race with 51 warriors online. Next, the Warriors held an AUSIA Coffee Takeover with a total of 44 troops. The Warriors then held a Staff U-lead event with 54 penguins online. To conclude their week, the army faced off against the Red Ravagers in a practice battle with 46 troops in attendance.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a busy week with a total of seven events. Their first was an ‘Operation: Penguin Pals’ event with 58 troops in attendance. The Rebels then held an AUSIA Training event with a max of 35. Next, the Rebels logged on to CP Rewritten while holding kites in their ‘Operation: Up, Up, and Away’ event with a peak of 43 troops. On Wednesday, the army held an ‘Operation: Peak Performance’ event with 43 troops in attendance. For their next AUSIA event, the Rebels wore tree costumes on CP Rewritten with a max of 41 rebels. Next, the Rebel Penguin Federation held their ‘Operation: Speed Lead’ event with 47 troops total. Finishing their week with a blast, the Rebels logged on for a practice battle against the Water Vikings with a max of 91 troops.

3. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of CP held eight events this week. They blasted off strong, maxing 58 at their Valentines Formal on February the 14th before taking off for a ‘Dance and Drill’ event and seeing 33 miners online. Their next event was a ‘Cotton Candy’ US event where they saw a max of 41. ACP advisor King Mondo’s appreciation event the following day had a size of 36 before they showed a max of 33 in their ‘Training Mission: Vigor’ event later that day. The clover defenders’ Spec Ops division saw it’s return in a Paint Party on Friday where they had 34 painters logged on. To finish off strong, the Army of CP faced off against the Help Force in a massive battle, mustering a total of 45 soldiers.

4. Help Force: The Help Force held a total of eight events this week. Their first was a practice battle against SWAT on Sunday with over 44 troops online. Next, the army had a Painting Party with a max of 33 painters. On Wednesday, the Helpers held an Army Training event with 25 troops in attendance. The army then held another AUSIA Army Training event with 29 troops total. Next, the Help Force practiced formations and speed on CP Rewritten with 30 troops in attendance. The Helpers then held another army training event with a peak of 28 troops. On Saturday, the Help Force held an AUSIA Army Training event on NewCP with 24 helpers online. Finishing off their week strong, the army held a practice battle against the Army of CP on Saturday with a peak of 48 troops.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings hosted four events this week. The kicked off with an AUSIA training event where they had 26 Vikings in attendance. The next event–a Staff U-Lead–took place on Wednesday and saw a size of 25. Their second to last event, a training for their upcoming battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, peaked at a max of 27. Following this, the Water Vikings faced off the Rebels. They pulled off an astounding size of 40, although the favor was ultimate tipped towards the Federation.

6. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire held a total of seven events this week. They started off with a ‘Silvers Spread Love’ event with a total of 17 troops online. Next, the Silver Empire participated in a Bean Counters tournament with a max of 10. The Silvers then held an AUSIA Hydro Hopper tournament with 18 contestants total. On Wednesday, the army held an Underwater themed event with a peak of 20 troops. The Silver Empire proceeded to host an Impromptu AUSIA Find Four event with 15 silvers online. Next, the army held a division battle between the Pizza and Coffee Gangs with 26 troops total. To conclude their week, the Silvers held an AUSIA Pizzatron tournament with a max of 12 chefs online.

7. Redemption Force: The Redemption Force held one event this week, a mining event with 34 troops in attendance.

8. TemplarsThe Templars held three events this week. Their first event was on Sunday and saw 21 troops in attendance. Their next event was a battle against the Water Vikings, peaking at a size of 21 once more. To conclude their week, the Templars held another training event, maxing 27.

9. People’s Imperial FederationThe People’s Imperial Confederation held six events this week. They took to CP Rewritten wearing miners helmets for their first event, seeing a size of 16. A face-off with the Ice Warriors came the next day, where they rallied up to 17 confederates for the battle before a ‘Pizzatron 3000’ tournament the next day with 15 members online. Friday saw them parade around Club Penguin in their ‘ Coffeebean Parade’ where they maxed 14. The next day, the Confederation held a ‘Hide and Seek’ event, showing a size of 10 hiders. To finish off their packed week, the People’s Imperial Confederation a ‘Find Four’ event, with 12 troops in attendance.

10. Special Weapons and TacticsSWAT held two events this week, the first being a battle against Help Force on the 14th, maxing 15. The second was a normal training event, seeing 21 troops in attendance.

Where did YOUR army place in this weeks Top Twenty Armies? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

Top Ten Calculations Team

Sophie, Zamb, and Max

Top Ten Writing Committee

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