What is YOUR Favorite Themed Week?

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The Shamrock Bulletin went one-on-one with the Army of CP soldiers to find out what their favorite themed week has been.

In addition to break days, the Army of Club Penguin regularly hosts ‘themed weeks’ that are full of fun activities and events. Whether to solve mysteries, celebrate holidays and anniversaries, or to tell a story, many of us count Themed Weeks among some of our most memorable moments in the CPPS era, whether it be the battles or the fun mini-games we play. So we went one on one with many of our soldiers to find out what their favorite themed week is. 

My favorite ACP Themed Week is probably Royalty Week because I loved the role color and role name changes and the uniforms.

– Annie, ACP First Lieutenant

I liked Royalty Week because the uniforms looked so nice!

– Ash, ACP Colonel

Mine would have to be Royalty Week! The hype that came with it was epic. I enjoyed the Disney character takeover!

– Cubster, ACP Field Marshal

My favorite Themed Week is gonna go to our Royalty Week. I really enjoyed the events then, as well as the cool GFX we had both on site and in the server itself!

– Fatchicken88, ACP Field General

My favorite themed week was the Civil War. It was a fun way to engage everyone and have everyone hype for their own teams. Plus the mini “fights” with Higher Command and posts we made were hilarious.

– Kailey, ACP General

The Medieval Party has always been one of my favorites, so having Royalty Week to embrace it a bit more and make it even more fun was pretty special.

– King Mondo, ACP Advisor

I liked the Civil War because Alpha kicked butt.

– Marquis, ACP Colonel

My favorite themed week that we’ve had before would definitely be the anniversary week we had for ACP’s birthday. Given that I’m a long time veteran, seeing the army celebrate the creation of ACP has given me a lot of joy and comfort, because we’re not just a community, we’re a family. The events we had the week were full of fun and ACP spirit and that’s what I love to see in the army!

– Nikki, ACP Major

I like Echo vs Alpha weeks because it’s fun to see peeps compete in lots of games while still doing Club Penguin tactics against each other. It’s friendly picking!

– OofManJr, ACP Lieutenant General

I liked Royalty Week because of the uniforms.

– RaiRai, ACP Major

I like Royalty Week. It reminds me of the medieval parties of Club Penguin.


It is clear that our soldiers overwhelmingly loved Royal Week the most! My favorite was the anniversary week. The prom made me feel beautiful, and to this day, it remains the most romantic night of my life. Aside from being very fun, themed weeks boost troop sizes and add some variety to our usual routine. What will be next to feature? 

What do YOU think? What is your favorite Themed Week? Let us know in the comments below!


ACP Second Lieutenant & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

7 Responses

  1. Wow! Loving all the love for Royals Week!


    Other than that, great post!

  3. civil war the revenge because alpha got destroyed

  4. my fav was civil war tbh

  5. Great post! The Royals Week was lovely ❤

  6. stan civil war the revenge bc we got MINIGAMES

  7. We’ve definitely done a lot of great themed weeks already, so it’s interesting to see what others’ thoughts are. Really neat post Tina!

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