Time Capsule: The First ACP Uniform

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The Army of CP uniform is, without a doubt, one of the most recognisable and iconic in the army community history. But how did it come to be, and how did it evolve over time? 

The Green Letterman, hiking boots, roman helmet and supply backpack: all staple items in the well-known and much-loved Army of Club Penguin uniform. A uniform that we have worn almost every day for the past 14 years, not including our two year hiatus between 2017 and 2019 of course. The uniform really represents the army, providing a ‘brand image’ for the organisation and a cohesive appearance for enemy armies to witness during battles.

Our very first uniform, as described by creator Oagalthorp in his ACP Saga, was surprisingly different to what many believe it to be.

“Our first uniform was the Mining/Construction helmet (combat helmet), Green Letter-jacket (camo), Boots (combat boots), Messenger Bag (supplies and pistol holster), Electric Guitar — at the time, red was the only guitar color — (snowball rifle), black color, and any eye-wear.”

– Oagalthorp, ACP Saga

It was not until World War II that Oagalthorp then changed the uniform into what many would recognise today. Oagalthorp noted this change in the ACP Saga, stating: “To the dismay of several ACP veterans, I adopted the Roman helmet to be standardized. This made many angry, for the Romans had been our biggest enemy since our creation. But there was logic to it. First of all, the Roman helmet would make us appear larger, which would contribute to our recruiting ability and give us a more intimidating appearance. But more importantly, it would get many soon-to-be Roman troops to join us instead. Now we would be able to command larger forces in CP, and gain many new recruits.”

The change to the Roman helmet also created huge levels of tension between the Army of CP and Romans, and thus kickstarting a rivalry that would span well over a decade. The most recent war between the two was in February 2020, and saw the Army of CP take a fantastic 5-0-0 victory.

And then came September 30th, 2010. ACP Commander-in-Chief Boomer20 announced the amazing news that the Green Letterman Jacket had finally returned to the Penguin Style catalog after years of absence, and made an official update to the army uniform. This update became the modern day version that anyone having joined between 2010-2017 would recognise well. It featured the Red Viking helmet, an item available every month, as well as the black guitar, green sunglasses and scuba diving tank.

That concludes your time capsule one-stop-tour of the ACP uniform’s history. From an objectively unattractive first uniform featuring the mining helmet, to the iconic roman helmet, and then to the symbolic red viking helmet. Throughout, the Green Letterman Jacket has been an iconic and staple feature, an item that truly represents the great Army of Club Penguin. An item feared by many enemies, and loved by our ACP community.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Loved this post! There really are alot of interesting things about our uniform

  2. What do you think of the first ever uniform?

  3. Really interesting post! Is amazing to see how many changes the ACP uniform got until now! 😀

  4. Very interesting piece of ACP history here! Awesome!

  5. unmute me ffs

  6. Woah nice dresses

  7. Very interesting and insightful! Great post Max! ;D

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