Battle Review: Army of CP vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

ASCENT, Battle Ground – The Army of CP and the Special Weapons and Tactics recently went head to head in a fun practice battle. Who came out victorious?

On February 6th, the Army of CP battled the Special Weapons and Tactics on the CP Rewritten server Ascent. While 39 soldiers of the Army of CP attended, SWAT brought along 17 troops. With multiple factors such as size and speed playing a key role in deciding the victor of this battle, which army won?


The two armies headed into the Iceberg first, both eager to begin the battle. While the Army of CP made an X, the Special Weapons and Tactics formed an upside down T. Both armies performed well, but the size difference between the opponents gave the Clover Defenders an edge in winning the first room.

ACP vs. SWAT in the first room: Iceberg

[Snow Forts]

Similarly to the first room, the Army of CP held a size advantage yet again as both groups headed into the Snow Forts next to continue their battle. The Clovers at first made two circles around the forts but quickly changed into an underlined plus afterwards. SWAT held their own with an L formation but were not as visible due to the vast size difference. Room two was also deemed a Clover victory.

ACP vs. SWAT in the second room: Snow Forts

[Inside Mine]

To conclude the battle, both the Army of CP and the Special Weapons and Tactics headed into the Mine next for the third room of the ongoing battle. Similarly to the first two rooms, the Clover Defenders quickly dominated the battle yet again with their size and tactics, thus winning the third and final room.

ACP vs. SWAT in the third room: Inside Mine

Although both armies put up a great fight, today’s battle was concluded with a 3-0 score in favor of the Army of CP. Great job from both armies, and thank you to everyone who attended!

Battle verdict, click to enlarge

The practice battle today was certainly a fun and interesting one. Having concluded the first of many battles to happen this year on HTML5, which armies will battle it out next? Who will be the victor?

What do YOU think about the practice battle? Let us know in the comment section below!


ACP Major General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

3 Responses

  1. Well done to both armies! A very fun battle!

  2. GG!!

  3. GGSSS

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