[UK/US] First Battle of HTML5 vs. SWAT – Victory!


Hey whats up ACP!!

Today we had our FIRST Battle in HTML5! Today we fought our enemies/rivals SWAT, We had a 3-0 Victory against them, We used the 1 bar server Ascent on CPR for this event. Today 3 awesome Mod Leads helped us, Frog, Fatchicken88 and Nacho(me). Four HCOM helped lead this event, Gugspugs, Daniel, Kailey and Max thanks for leading! We had a really good fight with a bunch of different tactics. GG SWAT.

Max: 39

Max Pic:


Event Pics:


Thats All Folks

Your Favorite Food Here!


ACP Lieutenant General

4 Responses

  1. Amazing battle ACP! I came!

  2. Yes I came!

  3. I was there! Great work ACP!

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