Learning From Legends: Koloway

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – In this weekly column, we pay a visit to various legends from the community and pay them a penny for their thoughts. As we set out on our quest to uncover the wisdom of legends, what will we discover in this latest edition?


Koloway is a Club Penguin army legend as well as an Army of Club Penguin legend who, in addition to his impressive career with the Clover Defenders, has served in armies such as the Doritos and Rebel Penguin Federation. His most notable tenure was his period as a Commander-in-Chief of the Clovers in 2019 and 2020, leading them to impressive sizes as well as winning the 2019 Holiday Championships against the Rebels.

In this edition of “Learning From Legends,” the Shamrock Bulletin was able to get in touch with Koloway and query him on his experiences. What knowledge does he have to share?

When did you lead the Army of CP, and how did you rise to a leadership position?

I led ACP from November 11th, 2019 through January 27th, 2020. I was always being considered as the successor to Chainpro, the army’s initial leader upon revival. However, when he ultimately disappeared (for good reasons we can presume), the process was sped up and I was thrust into leadership months earlier than what was considered.

During your time as a leader, what was the most difficult of challenges that you faced?

Growing a stable army structure… and not having many opponents to face! We based our early workings around the system I became familiar with in RPF. Having seen it in action and the results it produced for them, I knew there was no other option. However, that structure wasn’t built in 3 months. I had to work very hard to get the results I wanted out of the army as we had almost no precedent or protocol in the situations that called for it. Everyday was a new risk and a new way of thinking we had to come up with. Could you imagine having to come up with the direction of the army every single day?

On the other hand, we had almost no people to face. All the armies we WOULD want to war with would pack their s–t up and leave the league when hearing the Clover Defenders were on their way with a loaded gun, ready to blow their faces off with Green Justice. Templars were never ones to back down from confrontation, however, and we faced them twice.

In your time in ACP, not just as a leader, what has been your fondest memory or moment?

As a troop I always would remember the times I’d take my laptop out to my grandmother’s back porch, sit from 3 am to 6am, and watch the sun rise while talking in the Xat during AUSIA hours. The chaos, the friendliness, the jokes and everything in between helped to produce my image of the ACP that summer. I can gladly say that, on the morning of our big Holiday Championship Finals in the early days of 2020, I took my laptop, sat on my roof, watched the sunrise and enjoyed how poetic the situation had become. And then we kicked ass.

What’s one lesson ACP has taught you, that you would like to share with our members?

United we stand stronger than ever. When we all work together towards a common goal, we are unstoppable. Even in life.

The lesson shared by Koloway is a powerful one, telling us that together we can rise up to any adversity and achieve great things. Although gleaned from his experiences in a penguin game, it’s certainly applicable in real life as well.

What do YOU think? Who should we interview next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Field General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Great interview Koloway!

  2. Very good!

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