CPRewritten: Submarine Party Sneak Peak

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Following the announcement that Club Penguin Rewritten’s next event will be the Submarine Party, the team have released a preview of what we can expect.


In early January, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator Stu revealed that the Submarine Party looked set to become CPR’s first party with their new, HTML5 client. With the official announcement of this as the next party, the CPR Team has now given a predicted schedule for when this party will arrive, as well as a screenshot of what the event may look like.

The Submarine Party hit the original Club Penguin island in February 2008 which means that not many CPR players will have experienced the party before. Perhaps as a result of this, in the original announcement of the Submarine Party as a contender as the next event, Stu noted that there was high demand for the party to come to the island amongst fans of the game.

The Town during Club Penguin’s Submarine Party, in 2007

Due to it being a party from Club Penguin’s earlier years, the party did not come with tasks or interactive activities that parties later evolved to include. This means that the party was merely room redesigns and changed music. Having said that, there were a lot of room redesigns and many of these completely reinvented the rooms they temporarily replaced. In addition, the original soundtrack that this party brought with it later went on to become the theme for the stage play Underwater Adventure in 2009.

The music from this party went on to become the soundtrack for the Underwater Adventure play, pictured above

In an announcement on CPR’s official Discord, Stu also announced an expected timeline for when we can expect the party to make its way to the game. He stated that construction, which typically lasts one week, would begin after CPR’s Anniversary Party of Feb 12 – Feb 14. He also attached a tweet that included an image of the Coffee Shop from the Submarine Party, stating in the Discord announcement that it was “what you might expect at the Submarine Party”.

A screenshot added to the CPR tweet, for those who were “unsure of what the Submarine Party looks like”

This is adding to an already jam packed list of plans for February 2021 in Club Penguin Rewritten! Be sure to drop back in with us when this party is released for a full guide of what is contained within CPR’s first HTML5 Party!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Colonel & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. Very excited for this party!!

  2. Exciting!!

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