Aces of AUSIA: Opening & Round One Results

Addressed to the Club Penguin Army Hub & community

This weekend the community saw the grand opening ceremony to the newest tournament on the scene, Aces of AUSIA! The first round has also concluded as a victor emerges and the next bracket begins. Which armies will move on to round two?

The opening of the Aces of AUSIA, a tournament ran by the community for the community, was highly anticipated over the week. A free-for-all style event was held as a tribute to the foundation of armies, and it was a type of battle that many have never experienced. Army leaders described it as chaotic as almost 100 users stormed the server expecting to fight. The battle at the Snow Forts only lasted five minutes with no winner declared but the battle certainly harkened back to the foundation of what Club Penguin armies are. In the first official round of the tournament, two small-medium armies went head to head judged by three qualified judges.

The Great AUSIA Gathering

The Great AUSIA Gathering saw all the armies participating in the tournament log on to the White House server. After ten minutes of getting their best pictures, each army was instructed to rush to the Snow Forts for an epic free-for-all snowball fight. No formations were allowed but there was loads of chanting. It was an amazing sight to see and is arguably the largest gathering of AUSIA members across the community to ever occur in Club Penguin armies.

Lava Crusaders vs Secret Service

The first battle to take place in the Aces of AUSIA tournament was between Lava Crusaders (LC) and Secret Service (SS). Unfortunately, this first battle was not as climatic due to the fact that LC earlier in the week merged into another small-medium army. However, the SS continued to show up and show out and put on a great effort. Normally not hosting AUSIA events, the SS was still able to muster up a respectable size for a small-medium army and performed tactics for ten minutes before they were declared winners of the first round.

Winner: Secret Service

Secret Service has cemented their spot into the next round. In round two we will see them go against the Army of Club Penguin, the hosts of the tournament. Other armies among those participating in round two will be Dark Champions, Help Force, Pizza Federation, Red Ravagers, Silver Empire, and SWAT. Round two times will be announced tomorrow. The real tournament has only just begun! Who will go on to be crowned the Kings and Queens of AUSIA?

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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