Sharing Stories From Our Anniversary Week!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Shamrock Bulletin HQ – Over the course of our anniversary week, we left a channel open dedicated to letting our members share their favorite Army of Club Penguin stories. This post is a culmination of those stories.

It was an exciting Sweet 16 for the Army of Club Penguin! We held lots of exciting events that called back to our the beginning times of the army. A lot of people, including former veterans, shared stories of their favorite moments in the clover family.

Cherry, Veteran:

I think receiving Valentine’s Day messages was one of my favorite memories.

Suddenly a bunch of memories hit me and I have to write some [more]. by bonding over an Alpha/Echo event which was interesting because we were on opposite teams, hearing R (and many others) sing karaoke, lots of sitting in voice chat listening to people talk (or sleep), seeing all the super cool fan art posted, playing, telling people to sleep because everyone’s sleep schedules were so messed up. There’s just so much that happened here that really played a part in why I’m the way I am. I’ve made so many friends in ACP which was actually the first discord server I ever joined that I still talk to today and I really appreciate how genuinely supportive many members were.

Max, 46th Commander in Chief:

One of my favorite memories would definitely be the 2020 ACP Pride Parade, a special moment for ACP’s LGBTQ+ members and for the entire army!

First Annual Pride Parade

Powerprimate, Veteran:

It’s kind of hard to pick my favorite memory, especially since I’ve been here for a long time as well as other things, but if I had to choose, I would pick all of the random moments that I have witnessed in this server. Even when it does not seem like I enjoy those moments, I absolutely do. It is what has honestly kept me around for so long and what has always drug me back every time I felt like I was done forever. Here’s to 16 years!

Tia, former Field Marshal:

When I gave everyone 33 Clovers.

Sanya, former General:

My favorite story in ACP is meeting Roxy [because she’s my bestie]!

Mchappy, Advisor:

December 31, 2010 [was my favorite memory].

Nacho, Lieutenant General:

Will sound cringe but it was definitely meeting [everyone]. I’m still friends with most of the staff from 2020, as well with some troops, this army gave me a lot of friends and experiences. Cheers to 16 years!

Faith, Major General:

I got so many memories as well. I for real found [the server] through Kailey and got Discord cause of her. I’ve meet so many different people and loved so many of the good and bad moments we all shared together. If I had to choose a favorite moment I’d say listening to sing karaoke songs, especially one I can’t remember the name of, but had an amazing time. Oh and another thing is to be able to hear many different voices. I don’t know why that interests me but being able to hear [everyone’s] different accents and such interests me. Cheers to 16 years and counting!

Another favorite thing that I remember is when I got to lead ACPTR for the first time. And also listening to Sanya talking about Roxy being smelly and how Sanya told me how to make Sanya glue. Winning championships were also another, celebrating in voice chats, being the #1 army.

Arne, Veteran:

I remember in 2019 when I was reading through the history of world wars in the Club Penguin Armies Wikipedia and learning about this ACP thing. It sounded like the pinnacle of armies, and when it was revived like four months later after, it felt surreal. It’s nice to be part of the staff team at the greatest army of all time.

Cubster, Advisor:

Tournament battles.

March Madness 2020, Finals

Cubeoid, Bronze Medal Award recipient:

There was this surprise server created by the troops in ACP (love those guys) during December 2020 as a Christmas gift for all of the staff at that time… personally one of the best things, reading all the beautiful comments we had from everyone on the server felt unreal.

Aurora, Dedicated Officer:

Meatloaf, and also the Holiday Championships because chaos.

Nyooom, Major:

CSY thinking I was a boy and I could probably get away not wearing pants in a zoom meeting, that specific puffle anatomy channel that only appeared for a few hours. How things in events can lead to certain things in fanarts.

Shane, Field Marshal:

Cubster and I killing Nacho in Minecraft.

Rhyen, Dedicated Officer:

I have memory loss issues so I can barely remember what I’ve done here but I really love just chatting about dumb things in chat with everyone here (my humor is impeccable) and I met a lot of awesome people here that I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t dragged into this server a few years ago! And voice chating and singing and clicking penguins.

Koloway, Advisor:

My favorite memory is every single time I got to log on and spend time with all of you. Thank you.

Empoleon7667, Dedicated Officer:

Leading and winning my first battle was pretty cool. ACP was literally the majority of my childhood, so thank you all.

A war battle against Light Troops

Dantsamurai, Major:

Can’t forget the moment when I got Troop of the Month.

2Funky3, former Field Marshal:

Favorite memory was us being so good everyone hated us the whole time.

Robot, former Field Marshal:

Maxing crazy insane numbers and demolishing everyone is my favorite memory.

McDonald’s, Master Sergeant:

The chat going 65 MPH during an event.

Daniel, former Field Marshal:

Legión Española and Fright or Fight tournament.

Carmelo, Veteran:

Honestly I have so many good memories here at ACP from the Fight or Fright Finals or the Flash Nemesis war in 2020, but the best memories I have is all the fun banter with everyone in voice hat, hyping up chat for AUSIA hours in 2020, and all the funny times we used to ramble on about the “INNER WEST.” It’s the small things which stand out for me which is what makes this place home.

Shebyr, Veteran:

All of the fashion contests I participated in, meeting Cherry when I was like “Hey good name for Echo,” being moderator for like three months, and karaoke voice chats.

AOL, Major:

When I first joined ACP in December, it seemed like a lot of great people had either recently retired or would soon retire. I saw the screenshots from the COVID era with so many members at one event. I felt like as a small-medium army, I had missed out on something special. I was jealous/envious of that era and wished I was there for it. After seeing the recent Legends Cup battle, I can honestly say, we have made it back to that era and I’m loving it here more than I ever have. I’m excited to see the large army here to stay. The staff and recruiting force are putting so much effort into it. It’s not just them. It’s everyone attending. We would not have such high maxes without you all. I can say my dream of being part of a large ACP has been fulfilled and our major status is here to stay this time. Thank you to every one in the army. Green Together Family Forever.

Hamood, Brigadier General:

My favorites are the Fright or Fight 2020, the March Madness 2021 Finals, and every single battle of the war against Doritos. Times when ACP was golden, the Legends Cup battle recently reminded me of those memories. All the people I met here also brought some great memories. I wish this army a happy anniversary and I hope there’s many more!

Pandito, Veteran:

Being welcomed in to the army by someone who had a profile picture of a falling Pooh out of a tree (aka Kailey). And then giving my rank of Master Sergeant where me and another member used to have a fight on who would get moderator earlier. I also wouldn’t forgot being warned for spamming in bot-spam. CSY puns/joke like the joke of CSY who showers in a fish tub. Me making pandas for people and even one extra for Cubeoid birthday. I could name my favorite tournament but you already know that cause of Shamrock Bulletin. Mchappy saying good morning is also pretty iconic to be honest.

Griffith, Veteran:

My greatest memory thus far was when ACP won over RFCP with almost 15+ battles and just shows how we still had it after being dead for almost two years.

I was not able to add every single story, so I am sorry if I missed out on yours. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being apart of this community that means so much to me.

Which of these moments did you enjoy as well?

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Advisor

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