Zeus Retirement

Hello acp as you all may know I have been the leader for 10 months now and as of today I’m announcing my retirement from acp I’ve had a lot of time here as a leader and helping the army grow and win a tournament thank you everyone for everything we out this joint

With me leaving acp there’s a new leader being brought in and I hearby announce the Calgocubs as the 49th leader of acp for all his hard work and motivation for his willingness to help the army when he was needed and to be here when needed for everything he has done since becoming staff

During my time when I became leader, Stevos rejoined the army and assisted the staff team and I in regaining major status. The dedication he has put in for the army not once but twice has led me to believe this is a well deserved reward for his unnoticed work/effort. Congratulations @Stevos for being a new induction to the list of Dedicated Officers.

2 Responses

  1. Good bye zeus :,(

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