[AUSIA] Short Notice Mystery Battle!

BATTLEGROUND, “Practice Battle” – Good morning clovers! Our AUSIA division logged on the server Battleground for a super secret battle, which turned out to be with our Help Force allies. We met at the Town and practiced some tactics in the Snow Forts, before heading to the Night Club to meet up for the battle! Our tactics and forms were phenomenal, maxing a total of 13 members online. We are constantly improving as each day goes by and did exceptionally well considering the short notice, I am extremely proud of you all! Big thanks to Spinister, Rikii and Alemax for helping with the warmup, as well as Calgocubs for relaying tactics in the voice chat. Stay awesome ACP!

Max Size: 13

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[US] Mods Send the Troops off to Train

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ICE BREAKER, “Tactics Practice” – Hello, ACP! On July 28th, the USA division logged onto CPA Battleground, in Ice Breaker Town for weekly tactics practice. Leading up to the event, the theme remained a mystery until it was revealed that the mods would be taking charge so that Zeus could get his beauty sleep. Against all adversity, the mod team rose up to the occasion and took control over leading. We had a lot of fun practicing tactics, and we reached a max size of 13 troops online with minimal connection issues! Special shoutout to Sebassotoo and Aydoon for leading with me and pulling off another successful event for Project: Revival!

Max Size: 13

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[AUSIA] Heroes Triumph Over Connection Issues

ICE BREAKER, “Practice Battle” – Hello there ACP! Today the AUSIA division hopped onto Club Penguin Army Battleground for our Heroes vs. Villains battle against the Ice Warriors. We expected a wonderful battle with our friends, and instead found ourselves fighting server connection issues. It took numerous attempts to log on for myself and others, hindering what would have otherwise been a fantastic maximum size. We managed to salvage the event with 15 troops online, battling the IW villains in the Town. I’d like to give special thanks to Sebassotoo, Calgocubs and Spinister for assisting me in leading while I tried to log back on. Great job today ACP!

Max Size: 15

Blue penguin is our lovely Advisor CSY.
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[UK] ACP Reigns Victorious in Beach Brawl II Tournament

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Beach Brawl Trophy

WARZONE, “Beach Brawl II Tournament” – Hello, ACP! On July 23rd, the UK division logged onto CPA Battleground, in Warzone Snow Forts for the 2nd ever Beach Brawl tournament held by CPA.

While the tournament wasn’t without its connection issues, we reached a max size of 18 troops! Over the course of thirty minutes, we faced off against multiple armies such as Revolutionaries at Iceberg, Lime Green Army at Docks, and Ninjas (dropped out) in the Stadium. After winning all three battles in a clean sweep, we moved on to overtime to take on Magma Clan at the Docks in a tie-breaker to determine the winner. After a hard-fought battle of tactics, ACP came out on top as the champions! This victory marks the beginning of what we have planned for the future of our Project: Revival!

Max Size: 18

Max Size Picture:

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Can ACP take the Beach Brawl 2?

Mammoth, Shamrock Bulletin HQ – It is no secret that ACP is just getting back on its feet, with Project: Revival starting merely a few weeks ago. It’s a period of change for the community, with a new league and server map. New faces are showing up, old ones are returning, and some are leaving. A new era may be just starting, and here we are at its doorstep.

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[AUSIA] Painting the Beach Green!

KLONDIKE, “Formation Training” – Good morning clovers! The ACP’s AUSIA division hopped onto Klondike yesterday for formation training in preparation for the Beach Brawl this Saturday. In our green duckie outfits we practiced getting into formations faster and learnt different wipes. Our size was good for a weekday with 12 troops online. Special thanks to Brigadier General Powerprimate for leading the end of the event after I had to leave, and thank you to all those who came! Remember to attend the Beach Brawl at 3PM EST this Saturday.

Max Size: 12

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[US] Clover Fields Forever

ICE BREAKER, “US Division Re-Opening” – Hello Clover Defenders! Today our amazing US division logged onto Ice Breaker on CPA Battleground for our US Division Re-Opening Event. We met at the Town and focused on getting our formations into shape. The event was led by Field General Shallissa and myself with a size of 14 troops online! We did excellently, thank you to all those who came.

Max Size: 14

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[AUSIA] Grape Battle With Ice Warriors

BATTLEGROUND, “Practice Battle” – Greetings! This is my first post since returning to the Army of Club Penguin and I am extremely excited for what the future has in store for us. Our AUSIA division logged onto the server Battleground today for a Green Grapes vs. Purple Grapes practice battle! We performed wonderfully with 16 Clover Defenders online. Though we could improve on our formations, everything else was spectacular and I am very proud of us all. What an excellent start for Project: Revival!

Max Size: 16

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[AUSIA] Clover Defenders Battle Old Rival

Warzone, “Practice Battle” – Hello and welcome back Army of Club Penguin! What better way to start off the month of July than to have our AUSIA Division engage in a practice battle with our long-time rivals the Lime Green Army? For this exciting battle, we logged on to CPA Battleground and warmed up in the Town before facing off with our opponents. After warmups, Commander in Chief Zeus led the clovers to the Iceberg to begin engagement with the Lime Green Army. When the battle at the Iceberg was complete, the Clover Defenders moved to the Docks for additional excitement in the battle. Seeing as both armies had a hunger for more, we marched on to the Stadium where the exciting practice battle ended.

Max: 5

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[UK] Veterans of the ACP Reunite For Operation: Blast From The Past

ICE BREAKER, “Operation: Blast From The Past” – Hello, ACPOn July 1st, the UK division of the Clover Defenders logged on the server Ice Breaker of CPAB for a special operation where we reached a max of 10 penguins online! This event was led by Zelly and other soldiers of the army, we started at the town and then we moved to the stadium. Thanks to the troops that attended this event! Here are some pictures of this operation ♡

Max size: 10

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