Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

ICE BREAKER, New Territory – For this week’s Mchappy Homecoming, we donned marching band hats and created a general ruckus in the town. This ended up being one of the biggest events we’ve had in months!

Max: 22

A little call out never hurt nobody, right? We had so much during this event that we played some Gartic Phone afterwards. Here’s a little sneak peak at an animation we created together:

If you haven’t heard otherwise, next week may be the last Homecoming event due to Mchappy needing to take of business elsewhere. If you want one last chance at the role – which will be considered a MEDAL – then be sure to attend next week at Friday, 9AM EST!

Describe the animation above in five words or less. Please comment below your answers.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Advisor

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