The start of a new chapter is the end of another

Every story has an end to it- the final chapter.

My first army- Help Force was very special to me and taught me a lot of things!<3 I really had fun vibing with lisa, marsh, hagrid (omg i miss her), wynn, monika, diwix, and the list just goes on (not going to details or ill end up being boring). I joined HF on Nov 8th 2019 (3 years ago LMAOO) but I started becoming active during early 2020. I met amazing people there and they welcomed me really well <333

Me as a HF troop ^ [July 19th 2020]

I met a lot of amazing people in HF and the Indian Force was really something that excited me a lot. HF was really fun and I would never forget the people and what they taught me ❤ We had a lot of funny moments such as CPR mods banning the army members (because apparently we are spamming??) so me wynn and kara tried to hide ourselves. Also the time where I kept spelling Aunt Arctic as Aunt Artic. P.S- I still get bullied for it 😦

Wynn saying we are smart ^ (if i remember correctly lmaoo) because cpr mods were kicking us off 
Tistle rewarding me with a stamp ^

But what made me leave HF? Hf is amazing don’t get me wrong but managing irl and CPA together was really difficult for me. But remember do not put CPA before your life, since your irl is what matters the most. All things have an end, nothing lasts forever.

Around September 2020, I used to talk to Sanya a lot (p.s- he tried to get me to join ACP a lot) so on October 10th 2020, I finally decided to join ACP. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made but that same day was the first event I would be attending- against my first home, HF. It was really overwhelming but it helped me get over my past CP Army and move on to a new one. I would never forget the memories I had from HF for one fact though, but I felt it easier to manage irl and ACP and grew fond of ACP

^ Me finally joining ACP

As soon as i joined ACP, i was grinding for mod (started off as warrant officer) and got mod in like 3 weeks. But during that time i met a lot of amazing people which just made me love staying in ACP. A lot of the vets are the reason why staying in ACP feel like a safe place. I remember sanya and belen burning mine and cherrys house </3 OH and when me and jesus got promoted to hcom. There was also once where csy recommended sanya to encourage troops to play temple run and sanya was just complaining about it :’)

Sanya burning our houses ^
The hcom when me and zeus got promoted
Me and tia not leaving each other on read

I’m so proud of acp becoming a major army now, but ofc all things come to an end, so does my journey with CPA. I wish the future ACP and the present HCOM good luck and may ACP rise as high as the sky ❤

Shoutout to few people (more like many)

Ru– I love you so much you were hyping me up and never complained about me leaving HF and you dming me saying you are proud of me as an AUSIA leader made me so happy, thank you for everything I loved our VCs and we should DM each other more aaa

Wynn– OMG HF COMMANDER <33 Im so proud of you like girl you went from hiding in bushes to a commander of helpers. I remember when we both were troops and i remember the alphabetic major it was so fun with moni and i do miss moni a lot of times 😦

Monika– I know you arent here anymore but you are so amazing and you always hype people up your personality aaaaa. I wish you were still here to see how things are right now but im sure you would be happy no matter with what decisions we take !<3

Lisa– LISAA,, you made hf so much fun and i love how kind you are and you’re the one who named me roxy like you would never be forgotten and i miss you smmm. Remember the 1d event? It’s impressive how you won your own event omg

Marsh– I remember me lisa and you talking about 1d non stop and it was so fun especially hosting the 1d event for lisas birthday ❤ its one of the best memories ever and i just miss those times

Plotter– You are so amazing and your humor is really off the charts,, keep being amazing bestie

barney&nell– you both are the best and you made HF a comfortable place and i hope you guys keep being yourself ❤

Rest of hf whom i missed– I love you guys and ill never forget my first home <33

Cherry– I still remember how i got my house BURNT because of YOU but i still love you <33 I love how I would always remember your birthday because of close it is to mine

Cube– Omg cube you made seem recruiting so fun, we used to fight for rotw and it just made me wanna recruit more and more LMAOO but you are an amazing staff member but i hope irl treats you well

Tia– Working in rf alongside with you was really fun and planning out stuff too. I still have few ss of our status LMAOO

Chek– I love you chek you motivated me so much thank you for everything. I wish you all the best for your next army ❤

Cheska/Kayla– Its sad to see you leave but ty for being amazing and always helping me out when i needed someone ❤

Sanya– Hi hi my recruiter, you mentored me and its one of the reasons i got hcom ❤ tysm for that and i love when you came out as pan to me showing your true self

Belen– You and sanya trolling were the best i almost believed it LOL. But you are very kind and sweet ily ❤

Faith– I love you faith <33 You are an amazing friend but also an amazing staff so do not let words get to you and affect you causing you to do bad. You are doing great and I mean it

Current ACP staff & HCOM– Yall did great and grinded for major army, which was really well deserved and i’m proud to see how everyone could work out as a team and earn for what we wanted

Rest of ACP or anyone who i missed bc i dont wanna make this longer- Yall played an important part in what i am now so thank you for everything and i really wish you have a happier and brighter future ahead ❤

Started with attending a battle versus HF, ending it with leading a battle against HF ❤

For one last time..

ACP Hcom (AUSIA leader)


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  1. Happy Retirement Bestie. Thank you so much for making my ACP better with you ❤ Enjoy your journey with life

  2. We love you roxy. Thank you for everything since I joined recruiting force and became mod. Thx for all the fun times and thx for being a good friend. We’ll miss you. Best wishes ❤

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