[AUSIA] Ye Old Wizards Wondering When the Halloween Party Arrives

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

ASCENT, Ye Old Tavern – As a last minute request by a certain PoG *cough*, the Army of Club Penguin held a fun AUSIA event today! We dressed up as wizards and stormed the island, looking for magic at every corner. A lot of us dressed up as ice wizards, so I must have missed the memo there. The event ended off with some sled racing where I think Alemax and I formed a new sled racing rivalry. This event was led by Kayla, Nyooom, and Roxy so be sure to thank them when you see them! During the event, the green wizards saw a maximum size of 17 online! If you attended this event, you have earned 4 clovers!

Max: 17

A job well done to everyone that showed up! I finally can buy my Roman Helmet role now. Please let the HCOM know if you have any suggestions for events we can hold. Or if you’re interested in a moderator position. :eyes:

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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